Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Some Soupcon finishes

I wasn't going to post today but there are two completed Soupcon tops and one Soupcon variation that I just had to share with you!

Susan (Stitchin Witch) has make this study in blue and gold. LOVE the corner treatment. Stunning!

Kat created this delicate butterfly inspired Soupcon quilt. So pretty and so delicate. I love the little fussy cut flowers in the final thin borders. Stunning!

Nellie is an artist. She has taken the basic idea and created a unique quilt. The colours are soft, muted and elegant. She is now in the process of hand quilting this masterpiece! Stunning!

I am so excited by what I am seeing and I'm incredibly proud of what each of these very talented quilters has done.

Right, tea is done so I'm off to a day of sewing with friends! Until tomorrow, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. all of these are gorgeous. inspires me to keep trying , thanks to you and the ladies for sharing their creations

  2. Thank you for sharing these photos - beautiful!!

  3. Just finished the last vertical row on this quilt. Now to continue with the diagonal ones that are also spaced 1/2" apart. It feels good to hand quilt again after several years of machine quilting. Since there's so much hand-work on the piece, I just had to hand quilt it. Thank you, Karen, for inspiring this creation.

  4. gorgeous tops so far. I finally got the diamonds glued on for my next step. YAY!

  5. Oh, Karen - those are fantabulous! I, too, am awed by what is being created here. Love all three. And Nellie's center is amazing. Could we get a close up of it? Also you mentioned about making our pieces a bit bigger. Has anyone done that beside's Nellie. I'd like mine to finish more around 40". Have a wonderful time.

  6. Oh my gosh these are amazing I certainly have to get buys at mine soon. Oh Karen my head is spinning. I just spent ages over at Nellies blog she is an amazing artist.
    Hugs have fun today. Bunny

  7. Each one is gorgeous in its own way!

  8. thanks for sharing these fabulous photos!

  9. I love it that we all made our own version. Susan, your blue and gold are gorgeous, I would not have thought to combine those colours, but the gold just glows against the blue.
    Nellie, your treatment is inspired, what an eye catching piece this is.
    As for myself, you would not believe to the mistakes and trouble I got into. Karen helped me so much to find solutions for fixes!