Monday, December 1, 2014

Sun, moon and pigweed

The gardening continues! The next block for the border of Gardens of a King quilt is purslane. Purslane is a highly nutritious, edible plant also know as pigweed. I had lots of bits of green scraps so I put them to good use in this block!

Nice, nice, very nice but it needs a little something! How about another butterfly? Done! Here is the block with the butterfly and the frame.

I'm pleased with how this one turned out! It will look great on the green border fabric.

I had previously shared the sun face that will go in one corner. I used one of the pieced patterns for the pieced compass and then used my Sakura Pigma Pens to draw the face in the middle.

I've now cut out the border fabric and layered it on the sun face block to see how it will look and it will look just fine!

I wanted a complementary block for the opposite corner in the border so I decided to make a moon face! Once again I used my Sakura Pigma Pens but this time I chose a piece of gold fabric. I ironed a piece of grocery store freezer paper to the wrong side to stabilize the fabric. I used my Frixion pen to draw the outline and when I was happy I took the Sakura pens to the fabric. A pen with a thicker tip (size 05) was used for the outline of the face and the features and a very fine tip pen (size 005) was used for thin lines and the shading.

I wanted to surround the face with rings so I got out a piece of paper and a compass to draft the rings. This is the finished block all glued together and just waiting to be stitched! I can't wait to try out the green border fabric to see how it will look when it is finished!

Here are the two blocks together. I think they look very nice! They are not part of the pattern designed by Missie Carpenter of Traditional Primitives but I am a firm believer in adding your own personal touches to a quilt to personalize it! It could be as simple as following the pattern and using prints and colours that speak to you or it could be the addition of little details or swapping out a block or two for one of your own design.

I hope you enjoyed what I've shared today. I've still got work to do on this quilt and I've promised to machine a friend's quilt before Christmas so it is time for me to get cracking. Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Now I would never have thought to include purslane as a plant in an applique design!? But it's lovely!

  2. I adore "your" two blocks. Excellent as is your applique.....:)

  3. Love your moon block. You are so talented.

  4. Fabulous blocks again...i love evrything you do!!!

  5. I've so enjoyed what you've shared today!!! The title is such a fun one! and your faces are amazing!! so perfectly detailed. The butterfly really added that special touch.

  6. I love your newest additions to this quilt. It is so fun to follow your progress. I followed Missie as she created the pattern and received my pattern a few days ago. Can't wait to start ( but will probably wait until after Christmas) watching yours progressing is giving me all kinds of inspiration. Missie's had me so ready to jump in, yours gives me * food for thought* and cause to slow down. I love,love,love both versions and now the wheels are turning to plan, create my own. :)

    1. Hi Colleen - so sorry I couldn't reply but you are a no reply blogger. Patterns are a starting point and one should always feel free to make changes to personalize the quilt. This could mean omitting components that don't appeal, adding details or creating one's own design elements such as blocks! If you send me your email or send me an email I would be more than happy to chat with you!

  7. Your moon face is gorgeous and would look even better in a different setting, rather than the target style rings. I think you did a lovely piece of artwork, I like it so much.

  8. Wow !Your faces are just perfect i sure do admire your work. Looking forward to your next email ,so i can see what you next come up with.

  9. The sun block is very well done with the face. I have never heard of pigweed. Interesting.

  10. I am in total awe of the stunning moon and sun faces that you have drawn, you are so very talented! I love all of the embellishments you have added, especially the butterflies, to truly make this quilt your own - very inspiring!

  11. That little moon face is so cute to go with the sun! They are perfect!