Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It is like magic!

I've been working on Lozagons, my hexagon quilt every time I have a few moments and those moments are adding up! There are 18 large blocks in my quilt and all 18 are now stitched!

The quilt is inspired by an auction find hexagon quilt that was featured on Granny Loz's blog. This is the original quilt.

Photograph courtesy of Lorraine at Granny Loz

There were a number of things that I found very appealing about this quilt. I thought the centre medallion of roses surrounded by pink was pretty. You've seem my version of the rose medallion but just in case you missed it, here it is again!

I also liked the small turquoise snowflakes. I've been made a pile of the rosettes that will eventually become the snowflakes. They are the connector pieces that join the larger hexagon blocks.

The next step with these turquoise rosettes is to add some filler pieces so that they will fit the larger blocks.

The 18 larger hexagon blocks were the third feature that I found very attractive.  If you look at the original quilt you can see them; they have a very floral look and remind me of passion flowers so that's what I'm calling them. This is a block that I showed the other day and although it doesn't have a floral look just wait - it will!

The turquoise hexagons in  this block will form the points of the  snowflakes. After showing this picture the other day I realized that I had to remove two of the turquoise hexagons so that the block would fit the rose medallion. In fact only one of them would have been removed but for the fact that I decided to use a different blue for the hexagons that touch the rose medallion.  So I removed the two offending turquoise hexagons, added the blue hexagon unit that will connect to the rose medallion and the turquoise unit that will create the small snowflake. You can almost see the passion flower starting to emerge.

To get a true feel for the floral blocks and snowflakes I arranged the blocks out and MAGIC!!!! You can see the small snowflakes (they are missing their sixth point) and the passion flowers!

Can't wait to see this one evolve as more blocks are added! I think this is one of the things I like most about hexagon quilts......little pieces don't look like much on their own but you stitch them into a rosette and add to them and like magic little jewels begin to develop right before your eyes! Magic!

Until I post again, happy sewing and I hope you find some magic in your sewing!


  1. Oh WOW Karen! I love the passion flowers! That turquoise color is so lovely. You have made such wonderful progress on this quilt. It is going to be a beauty!

  2. It's gorgeous!! You must be so pleased with how it's looking. The turquoise really makes your beautiful blocks sing!

  3. So pretty. It is just amazing watching this one grow.

  4. Your vision as to what the little hexies will be when they grow up is amazing. I can't visualize the snowflakes or rosettes until you lay them together. Then I have to concentrate and squint a lot to get the image that you are describing! lol BUT I DO love the way they turn out. You do such beautiful work. Congrats on another beauty.

  5. Love this arrangement. Gives me itchy fingers!

  6. It's coming together fabulously well!