Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brinton, a bird and Enduring Grace

The last two blocks for the centre of Brinton Hall are now stitched! This is a series quilt from QuiltMania magazine and it began with issue 107.

The next step is to sew the seven blocks together and then add the filler pieces.

I've also added a dark round to the parrot block which is for the quilt that will be made with the leftover rows from Birds in the Loft. The dark border really makes the centre shine. I'm pulling fabrics for the next rounds and am narrowing down my choices. I really need to come up with a name for this quilt because it helps me keep the project organized in my mind!

I've also got another picture of the old hexagon quilt project I pulled out. It is my version of a quilt in the Shelburne Museum collection. It was pictured in a book Enduring Grace by C&T publishing. The original quilt was made by Jane Morton Cook in 1820-1840. The book was published in 1997 and I think I bought it around that time so I expect that is when I started the quilt!

There was no pattern in the book so I drafted my own. Here is a picture of the centre of my quilt. I appliqued the hexagon unit to borders and then there are small and large hexagon rosettes appliqued in the borders. All are finished except for the corners. I stopped when I reached the point where I had to stitch the corner units to the borders. I've now set them in and am basting the rosettes (which were already made) so that they can be appliqued. The quilt will need a border and the fabric has been ordered and should be here any day now!

So many projects on the go and not enough time! Plus I've still got oodles of ideas for more quilts.

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I'm speechless, which doesn't happen often. Your work just gets better and better.

  2. Your quilts are just beautiful and inspiring. Someday I want to do another EPP quilt. Thanks for the eye candy!

  3. Another amazing quilt Karen, always interesting to see the borders you decide on when you have so many colours involved.. I would dither for weeks.

  4. Looking good Karen! Is the parrot block going in the centre? I've got all 7 lozenges sewn, now for the white joining border and the colourful ones. Having a ball with this quilt.

  5. amazing to me how many little hexagons you must make for all these glorious quilts-hugs

  6. Lots of hexy loveliness in this post. I love your new cameo quilt, I wonder what you will call it.
    I have been inspired to get out my little hexy stars, joining them with triangles (as we talked about months back!). But I don't want to make an all-over pattern with them, so I am looking for ideas of how to combine them with something else.

  7. You will have that oldie finished in no time--it's beautiful! I'm making progress on my Brinton Hall top--I finally found the magazine in my sewing room and have read the instructions--lol!

  8. I can remember trying hexagons when I was about 16, in LOUD yellow, orange and browns, very fashionable back then and thought they were so boring lol
    Hard to believe now, that I felt they were boring!
    They can be so fascinating dependant on the design and fabric play and you have such skill with them.
    Jo's right, your work gets better and better : )

  9. My you are a keeper of secrets heh?? I laugh as I too have a bin full of surprises and this one is most certainly a great one to keep under wraps! Wow, I love it and you've definately got me rehooked onto hexies. Had a bad back for a few days and just getting to hand sewing down the binding on this latest t-shirt quilt. Cheers and you go girl!

  10. Ohh Hexies I love them!!!!
    Beautiful quilt you show us...!!!
    Have a nice day !!..;0)

  11. Love this quilt, nice pattern in tje QMania!