Saturday, June 13, 2015

Brinton blocks and more

I've completed two more blocks for my Brinton Hall quilt. These blocks come together so quickly. If you missed how I made them you can read about it here. The hexagons are 1". I cut 2 1/2" strips of fabric (across the width of fabric) and rapidly cut the hexagons for the frame.

I've also been basting leftovers for the side filler pieces that will be needed when the blocks are made and stitched together.

I've added the final wavy appliqued border to the sides of Value Proposition and I've removed four rows from Birds in the Loft to make it less large. It is now 100" long (give or take) and I  can live with that.Unfortunately it is raining so the pictures will have to wait until it is dry outside.  I've designing a medallion that I can surround with the leftover rosettes from Birds. I need to sort out the colours I'll use and then I can start cutting and basting!

I found another hexagon project in with my fabric and most of the work was done but I think I got sick of it so I just put it away. I've had a look at it and am in love once again so I'm going to finish it up. Here's a sneak peak. More about this quilt in the days to come!

I'll leave you with a picture of the lads, Gump (left) and baby Jinx (right). It is so funny how the old guy fell in love with the baby (he generally hates all other cats). These two are inseparable now! Mind you I think Gump would be just as happy if Jinx would just give him a little alone time! For my part I am happy that he appears to be losing his interest in my patches. He hasn't stolen any in weeks however earlier in the week he tried to run away with a pair of scissors! Crazy cat - doesn't he know that you need an opposable thumb to use them and more importantly NO RUNNING WITH SCISSORS JINXY!

My chores await so until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Karen, you truly are an amazing lady! You have lightning hands! You get things done so fast! I love your Brinton Hall blocks. You have some wonderful focus fabric to show off in those hexie frames. Love it. I love that the cats are so close! The old boy looks like he had some scraps in his younger day. They are gorgeous. Oh that Jinx and his antics! Have a lovely day.

  2. Wow, Karen, I also can't believe you got all that done already! I'm looking forward to seeing the reduced size of Birds. Somehow I think it will feel bigger. The Brinton Hall blocks are very pretty -- those hexie frames are a great technique. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Very sweet. Going to be another beautiful quilt.

    1. Thanks Gretchen! I wish I could email you directly but you are a no-reply blogger! :-(

  4. Goodness, when do you find time to sleep Karen :-)
    I like the tantalising glimpse of your UFO quilt and Look forward to seeing more.

  5. So wonderful. I love it.
    Greetings, Marita

  6. I agree with Chantal - I was just imagining your hands sewing so quickly that their movement was just a blur :)

  7. Happy Sunday-loving your kitty photo

  8. I really like how the hexies frame your gorgeous fabrics, looking forward to seeing the whole design and knowing you it wont be long!
    Your cats are great,I wonder if Jinx is teaching all those bad habits to Gump :)

  9. I crown you THE HEXAGON QUEEN.. Another great quilt or two in our view heaven knows how many hexagons you have made since you started. For sure you win the prize
    Hugs Bunny

  10. im in Karen, bought the digital copy and am madly making hexagons! Lol, will I never learn..... ;)