Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Birds in the Loft - the BIG reveal

I've been busy, very busy! I finished Birds in the Loft and added borders to two other quilt tops. Today I'll share all of them with you plus my next project!

My Birds in the Loft hexagon quilt is together and as promised it is BIG! Very big! It measures a whopping 97" by 128"! Even I was shocked at the measurements and I already knew it was big (I think I was afraid to measure it until it was done). Not only is it big but it is also very heavy. Honestly this means it is not a quilt that could be used because it is too long for even a king size bed!

Birds in the Loft by Karen H 2015

I ordered a Hobbs Polydown king size batt because it is lightweight (this quilt does not need more weight) and I'll have to look at getting extra wide backing rather than using a pieced backing. Given its size there is a good possibility that it will never get quilted. On the other hand I might just take a couple of rows off the top and two off the bottom to make it shorter. It would still be wide but it would be more of a square than a rectangle. Oh well, I had fun putting it together and for me that's what it is all about. I might have fun taking it apart and putting it back together again too! I am sure that I would eventually find a use for the leftover hexagons (there would be 50 of them if I take out the rows).

For now I have smaller quilts that can be basted for quilting. I added a lovely wide border to my Lozagons hexagon quilt. My plan is to fill that border with free-form feathers similar to those I quilted in Babs quilt Yellow Bird quilt. I'm not sure how I would machine quilt this one and may consider combining hand and machine quilting. I'll decide when it is pinned and ready for quilting!

Lozagons by Karen H 2015

Finally I added borders to my Value Proposition hexagon quilt. I appliqued the quilt top to side strips and then I added the top and bottom borders. I have a lovely wavy brown stripe fabric and I think I will applique it to the sides of the quilt.

Value Proposition by Karen H 2015

If you are new to my blog Value Proposition was a hexagon quilt along in 2014. You will find all of the instructions and patterns under the tab Quilt Alongs by Karen H at the top of this page.

One final note about Value Proposition; I found a mistake! I am always going on about the use of directional prints and as I started pinning the borders to the quilt I found a mistake. The striped hexagon in the red circle is going in the wrong direction. How the heck did I miss it?

I also tend to go on quite a bit about learning to live with mistakes but if you just can't live with them, then one should fix them. This is a mistake (albeit a tiny mistake) that would bother me so fix it I did. It isn't a big change but it would have bothered me knowing it was there!

I've been casting about for a new project and have settled on a series quilt in QUILTmania (issue 107). The name of the quilt is Brinton Hall by Leigh Latimore. The first part is the blue section with all of the hexagons. I think it will be a great way to use scraps and also to feature some large prints in the seven panels in the centre. I've already started pulling fabrics!

That's it for today. Until I post again happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Oh my goodness, you have been busy! All three quilt tops are gorgeous, but I especially love the fabric you used for the top and bottom borders of Value Proposition. Your next project looks really interesting. It will be fun to watch your progress on it.

  2. That looks beautiful Karen. Well done! and I love that picot style trim surround that you pieced into this hexie project. It's just gorgeous and the right detailed touch.

    Now getting it done so quickly, I am awestruck, you amaze me.

  3. All three are super, Karen! I agree with you about possibly taking of four rows total of Birds to make it less long. How about making it into a coverlet instead of a quilt - that way you won't be adding more weight to it. It's just so gorgeous! As are the other two - I love, love the blue in Lozenges. What an exciting, just right border for Value Propositions. Your next project is a stunner, too. Quilt Mania is now my favorite magazine for quilting. There always seem to be 4 or more projects in each issue that I want to make. LOL, I'm wondering how many others you'll start in the lapse between issues because you'll probably whip out the current part in a flash.

  4. Birds in the Loft is Beautiful!! I love the red, I need to make a red quilt. The other quilts are pretty too, but the Birds is the loft is my favorite.

    The picture of your new project is very pretty. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    1. Thanks Gretchen! I wish I had your email so I could send you a personal note of thanks!

  5. The Birds in the Loft top looks fantastic.
    The other two quilt tops are wonderful.
    I'm looking forward to your new project. I like it.
    Greetings, Manuela

  6. Beautiful quilt Karen, amazing work.

  7. Beautiful work all round, Karen, mistakes and all! Gosh your quilts are amazing! And already I see you are off on a new adventure - have fun!

  8. Dear Karen! I love the new quilt, by the way, I love all your quilts! They look absolutely stunning!!!! Well done! Hugs from Switzerland!

  9. How amazing to see the birds in the loft quilt top finished! It has been inspiring to follow the progress, and the final result is just awe-inspiring.

  10. All of your quilts are just beautiful Karen. So much work, but totally worth it! What do you think you will do with your very long quilt. Almost need a stairwell to hand it in! :-)

  11. Should have read Hang it in!

  12. They are amazing quilts Karen! - we must crown you Queen of Hexagon Quilts!! The detail that goes in to the planning and construction shows in the finish and will always draw the eye to examine these quilts up close. Birds in the Loft would make a magnificent coverlet if not quilted :)

  13. Birds in the loft is beautiful, especially close up. I hope you can follow through on shortening it for a coverlet--perhaps with a silk backing (second warmest fiber next to wool), no batting. The silk could be tacked to the top every six inches or so. The tacking stitches, taken from the back, could be with decorative stitches, perhaps in a contrasting color.i hope you can snuggle under your magnificent quilt and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Cwoosley12@yahoo.com

  14. Wow!! I think you really do have fairies helping you, what a group of amazing hexie quilts!! And it's not as though you make little quilts. Birds in the Loft is beautiful, I can see it's one of those quilts that would catch my eye at a quilt show and I would spend ages admiring all the fabrics, planning and clever fussy cutting that have going into making it so brilliant.

  15. Breathtaking WOWOW your Birds in Loft and others amazing. By the way that quilt would fit our king four poster bed. I need at Lear 116" by 97" so it would be perfect LOL. All king quilts just don't fit. When I bought my last duvet cover I had to get extra large King. Well done Karen on all your finishes. Hugs Bunny

  16. Karen, this is amazing, you seem to do as much with hand sewing as most of us do with a machine!! These are lovely and you must be very proud of yourself, well done mentor!!

  17. Wow--amazing finishes! I would have had to do that little "fix" too--as long as it hasn't been quilted, it's not too late. The king size quilt we have on our bed is made up of 1" squares, so it's very heavy--my hubby says it's like the lead blankets the dentist used to use while doing x-rays--lol! I'm in the process of making a very simple top to replace it, but it sure isn't as fun to work on! Congrats on all your lovely tops!

  18. I am gobsmacked, to coin a phrase!
    Oh well okay, I can think of something to say after all : )
    Birds is trying very hard to be a carpet isn't it! lol It is incredible Karen, really striking!
    And yes that blue in Lozenges is divine! Reminds me of wide blue summer skies.
    Yes indeed, you've earned the Queen of Hexagon Quilts title !

  19. Holy crow, that new Quiltmania quilt is gorgeous! That will be fun.

    All together, there sure are a lot of hexagons in this post! I remember the start of all them, so I am amazed at how they have all come together. I love the range of styles and colours. And, I do think it would be worthwhile to take out those rows on Birds, so the quilt is more useable. Maybe it doesn't need quilting -- just a backing. A BIG reveal indeed!

  20. BITL is absolutely lovely !! The reds are gorgeous,I just love it :)
    I'm just wondering though.....do you have an extra two or possibly four hands??? How do you make hexagons so quickly Karen? I have trouble making 5 rosettes in a day.lol. Is there a trick I'm missing ?
    Love the new quilt your working on, it's now on the "List" xox

  21. Birds turned out absolutely stunning. It is breathtaking, in the colors and all the details. I learned lots just watching the construction. If it made you happy designing & working on it, then it has served its major purpose. If it gets finished---that would be neat too!! The blue in your lozenges quilt just sparkles. Looks completely different from the "inspiration quilt". The border from the Value Proposition quilt is striking!! Really like how a learning quilt can be so very good looking when all assembled. All the individual elements worked into one top. So many hexies ideas & not enough hours in the day!!

  22. Birds in the loft is terrific!! And you are off to another project. Where do you get your energy?

  23. waouhhhh Birds in the loft is just fabulous!, congratulations to you Karen!

  24. Oh wow so many hexis! All three are fabulous! Then jumping right into another hexie quilt! WOW!

  25. I'm on vacation in France and not every day WiFi conection. Thats why I coult not react before.
    What a pitty that you cannot use your Birds in the loft. Is is a beauty. You need an ' king-king size ' or you ha to make the top shorter. What a problem.
    The new project is nice, I saw it too. May be???
    Groetje, or in French au revoir, Dientje

  26. Wow! I don't think the word "busy" is enough to describe your efforts with these projects! brilliant work!

  27. I am not so sure I would take rows off of Birds..... it may be too long head to foot but there is no reason you could not use the quilt left to right and have it hang over the sides....... if you don't tell we won't.

    You talk of it not getting quilted. At this point I can see a break would be good but I want to encourage you to quilt it and use it. You did many unique things on this quilt and finished would make it more useful.