Friday, June 5, 2015

Introducing Yellow Bird's Sister

Do you remember the quilt Yellow Bird that was made by my friend Babs? It got its name from the fabric that was used. It was a black, white and yellow border print by Vera Bradley and it was called "Yellow Bird". I showed her my method for fussy cutting from a strip of fabric and she used it to make all of the hexagon rosettes.

Yellow Bird by Babs 2014

There were leftover 1" hexagons from Yellow Bird and she wanted to use so she decided to make another quilt quilt that would be a sister quilt to Yellow Bird!

She also had one star that I taught her to make. The Yellow Bird leftovers and this star were the starting point for the new quilt, Yellow Bird's Sister.

Slowly it started coming together.

Here yhou can see she has made a large hexagon and added a black border.

A border of triangles followed. There were still a few more black hexagons to be added to the corners.

After she got this it to this point she had used most of her grey, black and yellow hexagons and decided that she didn't want to go any further. She wanted to take it to a rectangle shape and be finished with it. The decision was to add so strips to four sides and then add triangle units. She had a lovely grey fabric with a hexagon print so that is what was used. It looks really nice but is a little short on the WOW factor.

She removed the corners and replaced them with a darker print and the whole quilt just pops!

Yellow Bird's Sister by Babs 2015

This is going to be yet another fabulous quilt by Babs! I think she will hand quilt this one and then bind it with black. I hope you enjoyed seeing this quilt top!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. It's already a fabulous quilt top. Congrats Babs. Love that colorway of gold, gray and black - stunning.

  2. What a wonderful 'sister' to have!
    Babbs well done, she's going to be another stunner and yes, colours I wouldn't have even thought of placing together and they work perfectly together here.
    It just proves how colour choice, design and placement all juggle together so well in some hands!

  3. Oh yes I certainly did enjoy seeing Babs quilt. I agree, what a difference the darker grey makes! I love how cleverly she finished the quilt when she decided to stop EPP'ing.
    I love the star hexy it is my favourite deconstructed hexy.
    great job Babs, I love your quilt. Karen you are a great tutor, I only wish we lived closer!

  4. Thanks for sharing this one, Karen -- tell Babs I think it's very inspiring!!

  5. I think Yellow Bird's sister is wonderful--good choice on the second corner fabric too!

  6. Baba did a wonderful job on this quilt & you are a great teacher!! The second fabric picture with the dark gray makes the black in the hexies more pronounced. It was good to see the first picture---because that is what I would tend to "match" with, but not excite!!

  7. Karen, love this quilt, so kind of you to share such a great amount of knowledge, we love your stuff girl, wish you lived closer....?

  8. Those colours are great together, what a great job love the design she did

  9. Beautiful quilt!! I love her triangle border, and the "four flowers" inside the yellow diamonds. The whole design is very nicely done!! Congrats to your friend Babs! She is blessed to have a friend to bounce ideas off of too.