Friday, August 2, 2013

I'm not having fun!

So the quilting of Butterscotch Ripple is painful - I'm just not enjoying it. I'll keep plugging away but unlike other quilts I'm not enjoying the process and I don't know why. I really like the quilt and was very much looking forward to quilting it but something has changed. Oh well, maybe it is just a phase I'm going through and tomorrow all will be well in my quilting world!

I've quilted all the diamonds. This is the design in the corner diamonds, figure 8s; I'm going to add a little more quilting to make the border around the centre diamond pop. The other diamonds (except for the one in the centre) all have swirls in the middle diamond . The diamond in the centre has a feather.

This is how I'm quilting the hexagons that fill in the spaces on the sides and in the corners.

I had previously shown you a sneak peak of a quilt that I made. There is a little more quilting to go and then it will be done. I'll finish the last little bits when Butterscotch Ripple is done. I call this one Brick Bungalow.

The quilt was based upon an antique quilt.  that was made by Amy McCoun Carpenter around 1845.

Brick Wall and LeMoyne Stars, Amy McCoun Carpenter c1845

The border of the original was made up of LeMoyne stars and each star was made from a single fabric.
Close-up of LeMoyne stars in Brick Wall
I didn't want to mess around with Y seams so I made hunter stars (I think that is what it is called) to give a similar look to the stars in the original. I used two fabrics per star because a single fabric did not give the illusion of a LeMoyne star. The stars are made two at a time so although there are quite a few they work up fairly quickly. You can see in the example below that a single fabric star is not as effective as a two colour star.

And this is the corner of Brick Bungalow. It isn't identical to Brick Wall but this version fits well and it is much easier to make!

There will be a pattern coming for this quilt in the near future so do stay tuned!

The obedient plants are just starting to bloom. I think they are kind of interesting!

Obedient plant in the early morning

Obedient plant a couple of hours later

Close-up of the flowers

Until I post again, happy sewing (I could use some of that)!

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