Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another African quilt and rabbits in the garden

I've not put the last green border on Picadilly to the Nines because I was out all day. But I did manage to get the fabric cut so it is ready to be sewn to the quilt. Tomorrow my job will be to layer, baste and start quilting a wall hanging for my Mom. She saw a quilt in a magazine and adapted it to suit her tastes.

Once I've quilted it she will embellish it with beads and maybe some embroidery. Here is a close-up of the huts. She frays her fabric to create the look of grass thatch. She has done this in her landscapes and now tried it out on the huts. 

I think it looks pretty good! I'll quilt a line just above the frayed fabric with invisible thread. It will keep the edge secure and prevent further fraying.

Yesterday Jack and Bunny were in the garden discussing carrots when they heard a noise in the undergrowth. Jack, with the most menacing voice he could muster warned the intruder that he had sharp pointy teeth and wasn't afraid to use them. A little voice replied "Please don't bite me - I am friendly".

He popped his head around the tree and said "My name is Lionel. I overheard you talking about carrots. I am crazy for carrots and wanted to join in!"

Jack thought that Lionel sounded relatively harmless. Anyone who likes carrots can't be all bad, can he? So he whispered to Bunny that perhaps they should introduce themselves properly. Rabbits, as a rule, are extremely well mannered. Bunny was not inclined to make nice and as Lionel stepped out from behind the tree she took in his full measure and realized he is a CAT! A big cat!

But before Bunn could say anything more Jack was off to do a formal introduction!

Bunny screamed "Jack - don't go! He's a big cat and cats eat rabbits!"

One thing lions cannot abide is misinformation so Lionel was eager to set the record straight. "Not all lions eat rabbits. The fact is I am vegan - I could never eat another creature! Carrots are something entirely different and in my humble opinion there's nothing better than carrots! Cakes, muffins, fritters, soup, pies, candied, boiled, mashed, roasted, and raw. Simply delicious!"

Jack could tell that Lionel was sincere and as a gesture of good will he reached out and vigorously shook Lionel's hand. He also complimented him on his lovely blue plaid pants which were very much like his own!

Bunny wasn't so sure about Lionel but given their apparent mutual love of carrots she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

And as it turned out they had a lovely afternoon in the garden swapping carrot recipes!

Until I post again, happy sewing!

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