Friday, August 30, 2013

More ideas from the Edyta lecture and the latest African quilt is quilted

There were a couple of interesting ideas at the Edyta Sitar trunk show. She said she makes some quilts so that they fit the top of a bed. The length of the quilt top is the length of the mattress. She then adds side borders so that there will be drape on the sides. If the quilt is placed on a queen size bed it will cover the top of the bed with little or no drape.  This is one example and I really like it! Notice that there are setting triangles at the top and bottom and they are made of the same fabric as the side border.

I realized that as a rule this is also what I do! I like a quilt that sits on top of my bed with little or no drape. If I put effort into a border I want to see it and if it is hanging off the edge of the bed you don't get the full effect.

When looking at some of Edyta's quilts it seemed to me that the top border was small, the sides a little larger and the bottom border the largest. It may have been an optical illusion but I can tell you that it is a framing technique and if it works well for paintings it should work equally well on a quilt. So if you ever run short of border fabric consider having smaller borders on the top and sides and the largest border on the bottom!

I've finished quilting Mom's latest African quilt so she is now embellishing.

I quilted slightly irregular horizontal lines in the top and bottom panels. I snuck in a square patterned patch in the top and a leaf in the bottom.  This is the leaf from the front.

The quilting photographs much better from the back.

And these are the huts.

And the women who are just waiting for Mom to "dress them up"!

As a thank you she gave me another piece to quilt for her so that will be my job for tomorrow! And maybe if I have time left I'll put together a backing so I can quilt a bigger quilt! I'll have to decide which quilt top to work on - I've got plenty to chose from!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Hello Karen, I followed your blog all the way to the coast, 12,767km, and 36 days...whenever I had wifi....IT kept me in touch with home.
    Your blog is wonderful, thank you for sharing it with everyone.

    1. Hi Gail and welcome home! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog and that it kept you in touch with home. You certainly did a lot of driving! Hope you managed to visit some quilt shops on your travels!