Monday, August 12, 2013

Pioneer Village Outdoor Quilt Show

Yesterday I went to an outdoor quilt show at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were over 300 quilts on display. Each and every one was an absolute delight for the eyes! Every style of quilt was on display from antique to traditional to modern and there were even a few art quilts on display! Here are a few pictures !


We stopped by one log home and spoke to a woman who was dressed in period costume. She introduced herself as Nancy. She was working on a quilt on a frame. I noticed a small hexagon piece on a bench and took a picture.

The woman said she had made the piece and as we got chatting she showed us a couple of other sewing necessaries that she had made.

Felt rabbit pincushion

Silk pincushion made of pentagons

Little pentagon basket in progress

Anything that she makes while working is sold at the Gift Shop. If she wants to keep something she has made she has to buy it back! She made this lovely beaded pincushion and bought it for $20!!!!  Stunning!

One of the beading techniques she used is Iroquoian raised beadwork. She said she used white and silver beads to add dimension and depth.

It reminded me of a couple of beaded heart pincushions I made about 25 years ago. This is the first one I made. I suspect some raised beadwork would have added dimension and the second one I made did in fact have just a little raised beading and it made a difference to the overall look! I gave the second one to my Mom!

While I was in the gift shop I saw a beaded strawberry pincushion and it was made by Nancy! How could I resist? It was only $9 - so much work and so inexpensive!

And they also had two rabbit pincushions made by Nancy so I got one for me and the other will be for Mom. They are so charming!

Now it is time to get back to work on my Lazy Girl Quilt. I've been thinking about the block size and have decided I am going to reduce the finished size of the block from 10" to 9 1/2". In that way the circles will be touching rather than having space between. I think it will be more effective. I've loosely pinned two blocks together and I like this look much better.

There is plenty of space inside the large circle for some creative quilting and I've pretty much decided what I will do! Not sure when but I know what!

That's it for today. Until I post again, happy sewing!

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