Sunday, November 3, 2013

One of those days - problems with tea and hexagons!

There's ice on the pond today! Baby it's cold outside. I went out to take pictures of my quilt top and decided to have a nice hot brew when I got it. I boiled the water, put it in the pot and let the tea steep for a bit. When I poured my first steaming mug it was clear. You have to put tea in the pot if you want a cup of tea! Now I've got a nice hot cup of tea and some apple crisp as I settle down to write today's post.

I finally got the last border on Hexagon and Blue Star. I must have measured the quilt a dozen times on two separate days to make sure that the measurements were correct. I kept detailed notes with all measurements. I cut four strips for the border. I cut the first of the four to size being sure to triple check the measurements in my notes. I pinned it to the quilt. IT WAS TOO SHORT! Arghhh! So I measured one more time and got another measurement, the correct measurement. As a result of the first miscut I was one strip short so I had to cut another! The remaining three borders went on slowly because I didn't want another short cut! It took me a whole afternoon to cut and stitch four borders but they are now on and the quilt top is done. Today the winds have died down so I was able to get outside to take this picture of the quilt top.

I was able to get rickrack to stitch in the binding. It is a rich chocolate brown and it was on sale at 50% off! Bonus! Now it isn't cotton; it is polyester but I figure that will be just fine because it will mean no shrinkage when the quilt goes in the washing machine and the dryer. As I mentioned before the book that this quilt comes from (Feathering the Nest) is lovely. The photographs are gorgeous but the patterns are short on instructions. As far as the rickrack goes it just says "hand stitch the rickrack to the back of the quilt perimeter". I want it sandwiched between the top and back so I'll give some thought as to how to do that. I know that Blackbird Designs book "Love Letters" has a quilt that is finished with rickrack so I'll see if they have an alternative suggestion.
I am considering hand quilting the centre of this quilt with big stitch although I think I will stitch in the ditch by machine first. I've seen a heavier hand quilting thread that is meant for big stitch so I might just go that route but I wait until my local fabric store has it's 50% off sale.  I've got time to think about this so I may change my mind yet!

While I was out in the garden putting up this quilt the sparrows were watching me. They are little brown bird and not at all colourful but I love them. We can't all be male peacocks now can we.

The patterns and colours are lovely.

This little fellow was looking for seeds and keeping an eye on me at the same time!

The cold weather makes the birds hungry. It will soon be time to put out the suet cakes.

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Lovely quilt! Why not try this for your rickrack: after you've quilted it, plan for a knife edge finish but stitch the rick rack to the BATTING, then fold your top and back into place and sew it all shut. I've never done this but I think it would work. Tim Latimer just did a knife edge on one of his quilts and has good pics of how to do it.

    Good luck!

  2. exactly what i was thinking Nicole.

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  4. How lovely your quilt is, I love the darker border, although I wondered about it when you first showed it, it's prefect.
    I look forward to seeing how you finish it.
    Your "senior moment" with the tea, made me smile, I do things like that all the time LOL