Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Love Entwined - day 2 of the compass and a couple of Lazy Punks

The work on Love Entwined continues today. The compass is now paper pieced. It is a little wonky and I know where the problem is but I think I can live with it. It measures only 8.5" and once the centre is stitched in place it look a little better.

In this picture you can see that I've put the centre circle in place but it isn't stitched down. This compass is a little drab so I'll have to figure out if there is a solution to bling it up a little. I may even consider making a new compass. It was a tedious job piecing this compass; it took all afternoon and as I say it is only 8.5" so the idea of making another doesn't hold much appeal.

This compass will be surrounded by a ring that is dotted with 32 little appliquéd circles that each measure a very tiny 1/4".

I've selected three different fabrics that will be used for these little circles. It seems that many quilters used needle turn appliqué but I had a hard time getting a smooth curve so I went back to my tried and true method. I cut out a little cardboard template that is the size of the finished circle. You can see it at the bottom of the photograph; it's the little white circle.

I cut out my fabric, stitched all around the outside edge with tiny stitches, placed the cardboard circle in the middle and then drew up my thread to gather it in. I place the gathered up circle on my ironing board and gave it a quilt press. I then applied a little starch and pressed it again on the right side and the wrong side. Once it cooled off I loosened the thread so I could remove the cardboard template and then gently pulled the thread taut so I could tie off the thread. In no time at all I had a pile of little circles ready to be appliquéd.

So now I've got to stitch them all down. Then I can prepare the ring to be appliquéd to the compass.

In my spare time I've worked on two more Lazy Punk blocks. The first one needs a hub cap in the centre.

I've selected the fabric for the hub cap but it needs to be turned under at the edges and stitched in place.

The pile of Lazy Punks is growing but it will not go as fast as the others until I've got myself caught up with Love Entwined and right now I'm half way through the month one installment!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Karen, love your LE. I'm having a ball making it too.

    1. Thanks Rita - it is certainly a challenge but a fun challenge!

  2. Yeah Karen love the ring and dots great start.