Monday, November 4, 2013

Work "bench", a treasure, a "mega" quilt (maybe) and loosestrife then and now

It is a mixed bag today so here I go! My Mom likes to set a tray on her lap with her sewing necessaries. When she is done she can pick it up and set it aside so that everything stays put. Our friend Babs brought over a lightweight tray that she uses and the man in the house promptly made one for  Mom.

Mom is already thinking of refinements such as a small lip at the top edge to prevent spools from rolling off and a small magnetized area to hold pins and needles. Mom and I will provide input to the craftsman and then he will consider how to accommodate any modifications. He is partial to the slim size makes because it means it is easy to tuck the tray away in a closet when not in use.

I have this little treasure that I found in the thrift store a couple of years ago. I love the images and colours and thought this is great inspiration for a quilt. This egg is papier mache and it was made in Mexico.

There are all kinds of interesting critters like these owls painted over the surface. There are parrots, alpacas, a donkey, rabbits, butterflies and snails! And there are some wild and colourful plants as well!

I can see a really fun applique quilt in these designs.

And speaking of applique quilts have any of you seen Esther Aliu's Love Entwined: 1790 Marriage Coverlet? Esther has drafted a pattern for this quilt which is heavily appliqued. The pattern is available free-of-charge and each month for 18 months another part of the quilt will be released. To participate you simply apply to join her Yahoo group.

I've never tried applique that is this detailed or complex but I've seen the work of others who are participating. I've been following Bunny's progress and am sorely tempted to give this quilt a go! I applied to Esther to join her group and my application has been approved. The first part of the pattern was released in June so I am five months behind and would have some catching up to do should I decide to make this quilt. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Finally a word about loosestrife. You may recall seeing a picture I posted in July of this pretty little plant. That was then.

And this is now. The cold weather, winds and insects have worked their magic and transformed the loosestrife into a colourful lacy delight for the eyes. It is still very pretty I think!

 Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Karen I love that tray and a lip would make it perfect. He could sell a few of these for sure. Would be so handy. Thanks for mentioning my LE just so you know I have only made one full appliqué quilt this will be my second so jump in. You can decid to do only the center for starters and see how you make out. I just know it would be beautiful.

  2. Was i the only one who enlarged the tray pic, to see what tools Mom was using? :-D
    I have a similar armchair buddy, but it goes over the arm of the chair and is a small plastic tub mounted on a small bean bag. All my bits go in the tub and it stays put.
    Yes I can see an appliqué quilt in that sweet little egg. I must get into the habit of "seeing quilt designs and colour schemes" in the things around me.