Friday, November 1, 2013

First border on Hexagon and Blue Star and more Lazy Punk blocks

I'm working slowly on Hexagon and Blue Star but I am making progress. This is the fabric I purchased for the first border. The fabric was created by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics. The print is from 2011 and the pattern is 5533. I decided to use the blue stripe so I cut 1/4" beyond the off-white band on either side of the stripe. This made for a 4" finished border.

This border has now been stitched to the quilt. I wanted to take a picture outside but it is too blustery so partial images will have to suffice for now!

The original quilt in the book Feathering the Nest has a narrower border that is a lighter, airier print.

I do like it but the Andover fabric really spoke to me. I liked the deep, rich colours.

I will add one more border of the light blue fabric and I think it will measure the same width as the blue floral border, 4". When this border is added the quilt will measure roughly 63" x 76". The original has a rickrack finish and I am tempted to try this out. When there's a sale at my shop if they have wide rickrack I might just buy some and give it a go!

So that might be my task for today - get the last border on the quilt.

When I'm cutting or sorting fabrics I often cut patches for a Lazy Punk block. When I'm out and about and have a few minutes I stitch them. They are starting to pile up! Most need the centre circle but that will just be another hand sewing project to fill time when I'm out. At the rate I'm going I'll soon have enough for another quilt!

The strong winds are blowing away the few leaves that are left on the trees. This leaf may not look particularly impressive but it measures 12" across. It is big. It comes from my sycamore tree which I bought and planted when it was just a whip. Now it is a big beautiful tree (and getting bigger all the time) and it has a beautiful olive and gold smooth bark that reminds me of a python.

Time to do some sewing so until I post again, hold on to your hats because it's windy out there!

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  1. I love your border and think it will be much more interesting than the original in the book. Can you tell me again where the lazy punk block came from? I love them!