Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why is there a grasshopper in Lazy Punk and four more of my favourite things

You may remember that in April 2013 I wrote about the importance of labelling a quilt. I suggested that you consider quilting your initials to help identify your quilt in the event it is stolen.

Your initials will just disappear in the quilting and no one but you will know!

Another option I wrote about in May 2013 is to add a little "secret" in the quilt. I quilted Barbara's quilt Pink Peonies and snuck a little grasshopper in the border! Can you see him? He is near the large pink peony near the mitred corner.
And here he is! He looks like he belongs there and he is a little identifying feature.


This little grasshopper is becoming a bit of a signature for me; I've snuck grasshoppers into other quilts. I decided that I should hide a little grasshopper in Lazy Punk! Here it is; it has been washed and then tossed in the dryer to give it that crinkly quilt look. And the grasshopper is appliquéd in place! Can you see him?

Lazy Punk, 2013

Here he is!

Lazy Punk is now ready for delivery! We've had our first snowfall so it will be a warm and welcome gift I'm sure!

Next I'll show you the next four blocks from A Few of My Favourite Things. These little chicks are so cute!

I love this lucky horseshoe but I think the pattern should have been designed so that the horseshoe is facing the other way to keep the luck from running out.


Doesn't this little fellow look like the RCA dog with the caption "His Master's Voice"? I sure think so!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Lovely ideas! I usually do something unusual for identification too. I love looking at all your photos!

  2. yes, I agree with you about the little dog. I've been thinking about these redwork patterns. I can draw, so I could do my own, or at least copy anything I liked.
    I thought of you yesterday, with your big washer and dryer. I tried to wash a light weight quilted bed cover in my machine. It was a disaster, it was just to big to wash properly. I ended up hauling it out and dragging it upstairs and washing it in the bath!