Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Sentimental Journey

My friend's father passed away many years ago. She had kept his silk ties and had planned to make a quilt with them. She spent hours taking the ties apart to obtain the beautiful fabric. You would be amazed at how much fabric there is in a silk tie! The quilt was started but set aside. The box of deconstructed ties has been staring at her begging to be turned into something wonderful.

She also wanted to be able to share some something of her father's with his grandchildren and that's when she got the idea to make fabric coil baskets with the ties. A perfect gift! Here are two of the baskets that she made already made with the ties.

She also added a little bit of batik fabric to create the green band on the basket on the left. I think the grandchildren will be very touched by these gifts this Christmas.

I've asked my Mom to make me one of her an African themed wall hangings as my Christmas gift. She started this one but doesn't think it is good enough. She still has more work to do but so far I think it is looking pretty impressive! There are more figures to add and of course she will embellish it like crazy once it is quilted!

Tomorrow is Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along day so I'll see you first thing in the morning! Until then happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. What a wonderful way to use those ties! Your Mom's quilt looks great from here--what a treat to get such a treasure for Christmas.

  2. Wonderful idea for using the silk ties, thanks! I am in love with the African worries if she doesn't think it is good enough....I think it is amazing and wonderful....she can just unload it right here :)


  3. I just adore your Mom's African quilts-they are so special! great idea for the silk ties-I think the grand children will cherish them-I use silk ties to transfer their color on to silk fabric-I agree it is amazing how much fabric is in a tie

  4. I would never have thought of doing that with the ties - the baskets will be great treasures. What a wonderful Christmas present you will be receiving from your mum!!

  5. Wonderful silk baskets!original idea of using father's ties!
    What a fabulous Christmas présent you'll get from your mum ! You're a lucky girl !!!

  6. Just love these baskets, beautiful work

  7. Lovely baskets , what a great idea for the ties . Love the African themed project , amazing .

  8. Great idea! Her family will love them!

  9. Whole African wall hanging is amazing your Mom is making. I used to make ties and they do take a lot of fabric and all on bias, so great use for the bowls. Wonder how thick is the cording. Bunny

    1. I believe she uses 6mm cord that she buys at the dollar store. It is not cotton but it works just fine!

  10. I meant to say your. This I pad has a mind of its own at times LOLI

  11. Such a lovely way to commemorate a loved one, using their clothing to make a bowl and using the silk ties Is such a great idea!
    Mums, well your, African quilt looks to be another stunner to be!

  12. Your mom's African quilt is beautiful. She has another winner. How does your friend keep the raw edges from raveling. I make these with strips of fabric, but they are raw edged. Does she make tubes from the ties then insert the cording before sewing them into baskets? I use ties for quilts, but never thought of using them for baskets.