Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Coil Baskets and hexagon blocks

My friend Gail showed me some coil baskets she made and they were STUNNING! I asked her to teach us how she made them and yesterday she did just that! Her starting point was the book It's A Wrap by Susan Breier but Gail modified the method to suit her methods and materials.

She also brought a finished basket so we could get an idea about what we were working towards. Isn't it beautiful? I can visualize it filled with Autumnal goodies like pine cones and acorns or maybe balls of wool!

This is one of Gail's baskets in progress. She has made them in all kinds of colours but admits she is partial to a combination of red, hot pink and fuschia.

This is the base of the basket. I was not convinced that the cording could be stitched on a domestic sewing machine but there was no problem at all however be warned - the zigzag stitch uses a lot of thread!

Once you are happy with the size of the base it is turned on its edge and you continue to stitch the wrapped cord. This picture doesn't show it well but the sides are starting to come up! It is just one continual process and I expect that if your materials were at hand and prepared that a nice big basket could be completed in a couple of hours!

My Mom was able to make a little basket in no time flat! She was thrilled with the results and you can see why!  Gail shared her fabrics with her because Mom really liked them! These baskets are very solid and sturdy. I now want to make one of my own and so it is on my "to do" list. Why is it that my "to do" list seems to be getting longer and longer?

This is why my "to do" list is getting longer! Jinx has been with us for a month and he is a going concern. He is cute but he is one very busy little guy and nothing is safe whether it is my fingers flying across the keyboard or the Dritz Petite Press. He was quite annoyed with it this morning because it was turned on and hot, hot, hot!

Gail liked my Good Golly Miss Mollie quilt so she is making her own version of this hexagon quilt. I gave her some tips on basting her hexagons and stitching them together. She brought along what she has made so far.

She made a little mistake on the first round of brick coloured hexagons (she forgot the hexagon at the top and bottom of the diamond) but I love the look of this block ! It's just a little different and I think it will add a little interest to her quilt!

We had a lovely day chatting, sewing and eating! Now it's time for me to get back to testing Missie's Gardens of a King pattern! Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Jinx is ADORABLE and I love his coloring!!
    I hope he'll link up to Feline Friday some day...

  2. I love those baskets!! I would never have believe you sew them together with a sewing machine if you hadn't shown a photo. Beautiful hexies , I agree that the one with the different end hexies looks wonderful and will add interest to the quilt.

  3. What a wonderful way to use up scraps and stash. Just gorgeous baskets. A book on my to get list. Thanks Bunny

  4. The baskets look really smashing, get behind me woman,I must not try any new crafts lol I must not try any new crafts
    Jinx looks a svelte young man, sleek coated and a lovely rich ginger.
    More cracking hexis Karen : )

  5. What beautiful baskets, this is a technique I've never tried so perhaps it'll have to go on my 'to do' list too. A good way to use up scraps.

  6. Couldn't get the cootie-pie to hold still, huh? Glad he linked up to Feline Friday!!

  7. I would like to try those coil baskets too but am afraid to put it through my machine. Seems like so much bulk.

  8. love these coil baskets. They too have been on my `to do´ list for ages. look a bit dodgy for my sewing machine but as you had no problem perhaps I should give this a try.