Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How are you? I am sew, sew!

I've been busy sewing up a storm any time I can find a few minutes! I made these two Gardens of a King blocks. All of the block patches are prepared with the English paper piecing method, starch and the Starch Brush from Missie of Traditional Primitives. I experimented with different construction methods and found the one that worked best for me!

Missie's pattern for Gardens of a King (it will be available soon) was inspired by the King George III Coverlet. This is the original.

What you can`t see very clearly in this picture is that there are some blocks with mariner`s compass style blocks with sun faces in the middle. There are two on either side of the top of the centre medallion and one on its lower left side. I decided to try to conduct an experiment using Missie`s technique and my pattern drafting skills. My first step was to draft a pattern. It took a little while but I figured it out! I drew the face on a piece of muslin with my Sakura pigma pens and then prepared all of the mariner`s compass patches with freezer paper and starch. I reverse appliqued the face to the first round of the compass.

I then stitched the rest of the mariner`s compass and added it to the sun face. This is the finished block; it measures 11" across.

If you would like to learn more about Missie's technique for English paper piecing with starch go here.

I've also finished one more Lozagons block! The pink and white print hexagons around the centre are more scraps from the bag of Dresden plate blades that I bought at a church basement sale. I like the red and white gingham in this one because I think it adds a little tension!

If you haven't been over to Amy's Creative Side for Blogger's Quilt Festival I encourage you to visit. There are some wonderful quilts entered including Mary's Soupcon quilt which you can also see on her blog! Be sure to nominate your three favourite quilts (the deadline is October 31) and then come back between November 1 and 7 and vote for your favourites in each category including those in Viewer's Choice! I've registered 81 The Giant Monstrosity in Home Machine Quilted and Cherry Blossom in Original Design. I would be honoured and privileged if you would consider nominating and/or voting for either of my quilts!

81 The Giant Monstrosity (pattern coming soon)

Cherry Blossom (free pattern available under Patterns by Karen H)

Today little Jinx is off to the vet to have his "pockets picked"!  He'll have the surgery and spend the night in the hospital. He'll be home tomorrow. Poor old Gumby (or Gummy as we've started calling him since he had some teeth extracted) will be glad for the peace and quiet!

On Friday I'll publish  block 15 in my Value Proposition Hexagon Quilt Along! Hope you like it! I haven't decided which block it will be but one thing is for will be one of my favourites!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. SO talented Karen!! Your work is always so lovely and inspiring :-) I have one of those starch pens but haven't had a decent play with it yet. Wouldn't have thought of using it for english paper piecing. Hope Jinx' adventure goes well.

  2. I really like the Garden of King- Blocks and did first not realize, that it is the same pattern! With the different colors and proportions they look so great each in it own way.

  3. Wonderful Garden of a King blocks - and you have drawn that sun face so beautifully - it looks positively vintage! Good luck with the quilt festival.

  4. Wonderful new blocks for your GArden of a King! Good luck for the quilt festival karen

  5. The sun block is so cool. You are so talented.