Monday, October 27, 2014

What are those hexagons for?

Eagle-eyes Sarah wrote to me in response to the picture I posted of Babs' fabric coil baskets and she asked about the tray of hexagons and wanted to know what they are for!

The hexagons belong to Babs and they are leftovers from her Yellow Bird quilt (below).

Yellow Bird by Babs 2014

Babs is a great proponent of using what you have and if you have leftovers use them in a new project. so the leftover hexagons are going to be used for a new quilt and it already has a name.....Yellow Bird's Sister!

She pulled out all of her Yellow Bird leftovers and started making hexagons rosettes. She made a rosette using my foundation paper pieced English paper piecing technique and since it included yellow it was the starting point for her new quilt.

Here's a sneak peak of the centre of her new quilt! This one will also be yellow, grey and black. I think it is going to be a stunner!

It Blogger's Quilt Festival time at Amy's Creative Side. A huge thanks to Amy for arranging this even! Between now and the end of October nominations for Viewer's Choice are open. You can nominate three of your favourite quilts by going here. I've entered two quilts, 81 The Giant Monstrosity in the Home Machine Quilted category and Cherry Blossom in Original Design. If you like either of my quilts I would be grateful and privileged if you would consider nominating one or both of them for Viewer's Choice! There are lots of great entries including a reader's Soupcon quit from my first QAL so if you have time take a look at all of the entries. Voting will then be open from November 1 to 7 and the winners will be announced on November 8th!

81 The Giant Monstrosity

81 The Giant Monstrosity close-up

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom close-up

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Ugh....LOVE those grey, black and yellow hexi's together!!!! And what gorgeous picks for the festival!! All are winners in my book!!

  2. Those hexies are such wonderful colours. Yellow Bird's Sister looks amazing! Good luck in the festival.

  3. Love the new quilt. All these quilts are

  4. OMG, your Giant Monstrosity is everything but a monstrosity, it's fabulous! It must have been challenging to quilt it with DSM :)

  5. Just wanted to wish you the Best of Luck in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. Love your entries!!