Thursday, March 26, 2015

Half rosettes for the Birds

I'm going to add an interesting hexagon border to my Birds in the Loft quilt. I try to create relatively straight lines for sewing so the first step in the construction of my border is to make side filler pieces. They will be half rosettes and I will need twenty of them. They will be inserted at the beginning and end of the even rows.  The second row begins with rosette 14 and ends with rosette 25 so that row will get the half hexagons and then the next even row begins with 39 and ends with 50, then 64 and 73. You get the idea!

While I could make multi-coloured half  rosettes my plan is to make all twenty half rosettes from the same fabric. This will create a visual stop so that the border is separate and distinct from the body of the quilt. I've selected the fabric I will use will use to make the half rosettes. It is a toasty beige and works well with the colours in the medallion.

While it may not look like it at first blush it is a directional print so placement of the hexagons will be important. I will orient all of the hexagons like the one on the right. If I just stitch them any which way the effect may be a little jarring. I want the border to have a matte, smooth finish.

The centre hexagon in the half rosette will be a fussy cut bee on a cream background; it is the same bee fabric that I used for the hexagons that are above and below the framed birds.

I like to make a test block to make sure that what I have in mind will translate well. This is the first half rosette and I am pleased with it! That's one down and nineteen to go!

There will be a row of these same toasty hexagons across the top and bottom of the quilt. I've got some basting to do today!

I've also stitched some more rosettes (I've got the bloody fingers to prove it)! The first one is a bubblegum pink. It looks very bright in the picture but in reality the colour is a little softer. Notice it is a directional print.

I love the navy fabric and wish I had bought more of it. I only needed a little for a quilt I was making and so bought only 1/4 yard! Should have bought a yard!

The olive green is a directional print and the centre is yet another loved and cherished fabric! Such a great print with loads of visual interest!

Well that's it for me today. If you love hexagons don't forget to visit Help for Hexi-Aholics at Sarah Did It. I've linked up and if you have a hexagon project I encourage you to link up too! Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I love your choice in fabrics for the half rosettes. They are going to be fabulous around the edge. Great job Karen! We have arrived in New Hampshire and close on our house tomorrow! Just finished the road trip to end all road trips - 2008 miles in four days! I fetch my cats from Boston airport tonight - can't wait!

  2. Gorgeous rosettes as always, Karen. You are moving along nicely with this project, but then you always do. I like those subtle bees.

  3. NIce decision for your border! Your rosettes are gorgeous. Hope your magnetic needle stand doesn't take too long to arrive - it will be a fun addition to your sewing area.

  4. You do have some wonderful fabrics!

  5. It's so fun to see what happens when the hexies are sewn together!

  6. very very pretty - lovely bees :)