Saturday, March 14, 2015

Toasty colours

Good morning all! I reply to every comment so if you don't hear from me it means you are a no-reply blogger. In my last post I wrote about tinting fabric with watercolour paints and textile medium. Bees Knees Granny asked if the colours would bleed when washed. Unfortunately she is a no reply blogger so I'll answer here. I've not had any problem with the paint fading or bleeding when washed. I made sure that I've used enough textile medium so that it is absorbed by the fibres. The Sakura Pigma pens are permanent so there are no issues with them!

I'm really moving along on the rosettes for my Birds in the Loft hexagon quilt. The callouses and bloody fingers are proof positive! Here are my latest creations. I love the toasty colours of these rosettes!

I'm also working on the hexagons for the path between the rosettes. I had selected three fabrics that were similar in colour and value. I started with the fabric in the middle but used it up making the medallion so I move on to the top fabric. The fabric at the bottom was used sparingly in the medallion (more on this further on).

I had thought I had enough of the top fabric (Fabric A) to make the path but used it up this week. I've now added another fabric (Fabric B in the picture below). The two aren't the same but they are close enough and as it turns out they are by the same designer, Faye Burgos!  When I made my Stars in the Loft hexagon quilt I used at least five fabrics for the path. I don't mind running out of fabric provided I can add something similar because I think it adds character to the quilt!

Stars in the Loft by Karen H

I've been thinking about how I will use the bee fabric. There is a little bit in the medallion (you can see them above and below the oval) and I've now thought of a way to add more but you'll have to wait to see where I will use the fussy cut bees!

Angie of A Quilting Reader's Garden hosts a link up party where you can show off what you are working on and see what others have on the go. It is call WIPS Be Gone and you can see everything and link up here.  I'm linking up with Angie and hope you will too!

It is a grey rainy day today.....perfect for sewing and that's exactly what I plan to do, sore fingers and all. So until I post again, have fun creating something wonderful!

Karen H


  1. I bet your fingers are sore! Wow, you have been working hard on your Rosettes. I hate when the back of the needle pokes through the callous on my finger. I don't really like thimbles but sometimes I wear the little leather disc. They work very well.

  2. The middle of that top rosette is begging for some of your artwork? A handdrawn bee or your signature grasshopper?

  3. The medallion is really coming together! The bees add a nice flavour to it. I love the top rosette with the wreath in the middle. Stars in the loft is so gorgeous - I wish I could see it in person!!

  4. Thanks, Karen, for your personal reply. I had no idea that I was a no-reply blogger! I have no blog of my own, so think of myself as a reader and commenter of blogs.
    My son loves bees, even has a bee tattoo, so I'm looking forward to seeing the use you make of your bee fabric.

  5. Another Beauty. Hmmm I was wondering how many hexagons you have made since you started on your hexagon journey. LOL ­čśŐ

  6. Another fabulous work of yours!..same question as bunny!!!lol

  7. Those bees on the blue background are just right for your quilt. I'll be looking for them elsewhere in your lovely quilt. Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone, Karen.