Thursday, March 5, 2015

REWIND: Get to know your patchwork foot

It is time for another edition of REWIND. Every now and then I hit the "rewind" button and republish one of my older posts that you may have missed. Today I'm going to share a post from November 2013. In that issue I talked about my quarter inch patchwork foot.

Get to know your patchwork foot

I recently took a workshop and mentioned to my neighbour a precise way of starting/stopping 1/4" from the edge without marking the patch. I was surprised to find out that many weren't aware of what their 1/4" patchwork foot could do for them! I wrote about this before but thought that this would be a good time to repeat what I figured out about my foot. 

This is the 1/4" patchwork foot off my Janome. If you look closely you will see some little markings along the edge. Believe it or not these markings serve a purpose!

This shot is taken from the above the foot and I've place three pins so you can see the markers more clearly.

The blue pin indicates where the sewing machine needle will pierce the fabric. The needle will be 1/4" away from the right edge of the fabric.  If you want to start sewing 1/4" in from the top edge of your fabric, line up the marker at the white pin with the top edge of the patch and your needle will pierce the fabric 1/4" in from the top. If you want to stop 1/4" before the bottom edge of your fabric, when the marker at the orange pin is lined up with the bottom edge of the fabric your needle will be 1/4" in from the edge!  I think you'll agree that these are very helpful little features!

Work continues on my Love Entwined quilt albeit slowly! I'm now on to Part 3. I've stitched down the gold oak leaves (well that's what they look like to me). Between the oak leaves are "plumes" with six tiny circles appliquéd on each. I had thought I would use a taupe fabric but decided it was too drab so I've decided to go with red. I think this is a better option. I'll stitch them down and then I'll have to make and appliqué 48 little orange circles. You can see two of the orange circles on the bottom right plume. They are rough cut just to give me an idea as to how the orange would look and I am happy with it!

Well that's it for today. It is too cold to go outside to take pictures so I'll leave you with a picture of some mushrooms from my quilt Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden

I hope you found this post informative. What it did for me is remind me that it has been some time since I worked on my Love Entwined quilt. I really should get back to it....maybe in my spare time!

Also there was a question from Missie of Traditional Primitives about sewing my Birds in the Loft quilt design. She asked if I have a system for keeping track of what I will sew next based on my diagram. 

You know I do. I just figured it was obvious so I haven't mentioned it so I plan on sharing what I do in my next post! It is so easy you will ask "why didn't I think of that?" 

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Great reminder about the 1/4 inch foot.

  2. Hello, I didn't know about the markings, my machine has them as well. It will help with the sewing knowing this. I used to mark with a pin. Thank you for the rewind!

  3. I knew that, but my foot gives me a bigger seam than a 1/4". But I just figured out by looking at your close up photo that I can move my needle just one stop to the right and the foot will give me my scant 1/4". Yeah! This was great. AND, it reminds me too that I have to finish part 5 of my LE. LOL - the WIPs never end.

  4. Oh my, is that what those are for. I always stop and mark my quarter inch on my binding strip to stop in time this will be helpful with that.

  5. I went to watch my janome foot!! Oh yes there are some marks!!! I didn't know that....thanks to you karen!!!

  6. Well who knew, Id never even considered those marks were FOR anything specific and heavens ~ I ask myself that all the time
    why didn't I think of these things lol

  7. Thanks very much for the tip.I check my foot ,sure enough they are there ,never knew.

  8. Great tips Karen! I have to go look at my foot now? Does it have those markings? I sure hope so!

  9. Looking awesome Karen. And nice little bundles! Guess what? I am sewing the final path on my LAST block for Value Proposition! I ran out of the third path fabric with 15 hexies to go! I thought I had counted but guess not accurately. I found something that will sort of work though - it will always remind me to buy extra in future:)