Monday, March 16, 2015

Sew Sisters Sale and more hexagon rosettes

There is a real shortage of quilt shops where I live so I often have to buy online. I love the variety of fabrics and shops but the shipping charges can really drive up the price of fabric. For Canadian quilters I thought I would share a wonderful sale that is on at Sew Sisters Quilt Shop on March 16 and 17 - FREE SHIPPING in Canada! On March 18 and 19 the special is $10 off your order and the third deal is on March 20 and 21st when you will get 25% off one item! I just might do some shopping this week!

However before I go shopping I have a few more hexagon rosettes for my Birds in the Loft quilt that I am working on. I had enough fabric to make six of the darker red hexagons so I divided them into two groups of three and I added three paprika coloured hexagons. I decided to make the centres different. There was no particular reason for this decision - I just felt like it! The bee fabric in the lower rosette was given to me by a Guild member. She got it in Japan!

This green fabric was a scrap in a grab bag. I cut carefully and was able to get two rosettes out if it! I love strong patterned prints like this because I can use the landmarks on the prints to line up my hexagons for fussy cutting. In this instance the print was nice and clear on the wrong side so the placement and cutting of the hexagons was quick and easy! It is the same as the method I described here however I could see the print on the back so it eliminated a step!

It is the same as the method I described here however I could see the print on the back so it eliminated a step! In this picture you can see how I lined up my paper templates on the landmarks.

I had a strip of black and white fabric in one of the scrap boxes but was only able to cut eight hexagons. I knew I had more of the fabric but just couldn't find it so I added four hexagons cut from a fabric of similar colour and value to make the bottom rosette. Wouldn't you know it......after I made that rosette I found the fabric! Oh well, I like the mixed up block anyway!

I know what I plan for the border and have selected the fabrics. The first step is to make test blocks to make sure that the fabrics work well together and that they will work with the quilt. This is the first test block. I used my "made fabric" method to make the pieced hexagons. I think that this colour combination will be fine but I'll sit with it a bit before I make the final decision.

I've still got one more rosette to make. I've selected the fabrics but not yet made the rosette. I will share that with you soon!

It is time for me to get a wiggle on so until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. I hope your test-rosette is as you whised. The others are nice again. The pattern of the green flower is good. In Dutch we said: passen en meten. Sometime you are lucky and sometimes not. Groetjes, Dientje.

  2. Free Shipping is such a great incentive to go shopping!! Beautiful hexies, it's great to see what patterns emerge from fussy cutting. I love the mixed flower with similar colour and value, you don't quite notice at first so it makes you look again.

  3. Love the movement you are getting through your fussy cutting. Sad how few resources we have for fabric in a city of this size:) At least Sew Sisters is a good one:)

  4. Yes me too, the movement from the clever cutting in the stars, adds so much extra to the hexi flowers

  5. Beautiful hexagone rosettes!!! The effect is fabulous

  6. Oh the green ones are over the top nice! I have to do a lot of online shopping because there are no nice quilt shops near me.I agree the shipping really adds up

  7. Love your rosettes. Wouldn't have thought of the gray fabric, but will add a shaded dimension to the bunch. Are you looking for yardage mainly, or for scrap pieces to add variety?? i bought scrap bags through Homestead Hearth at the end of the year. They had them in 1900's fabrics or brights/florals. Currently, they just have the floral ones, but they cut so many kits---they may put up more. They sell the bags for $9.99. You get about 3 pounds of fabric pieces. There are repeats & sometimes a large chunk ( I bought 12 at one time & I think they added the chunks to get it in the mail). I believe I had to pay for a large USPS box to have it mailed. I filled up a whole grocery store paper bag with the pieces. You would be delighted with the variety. You can message them to see if they will make you up some. They are pretty nice to work with. Just an idea. I would also be willing to send you some of my repeat scraps from the haul, if it would keep you going!! I am getting ready to Prewash the lot, so let me know if you want some as they are, or prewashed.

  8. I just went back to look at Homestead Hearth & you have to look at the online blowout section & they are called remnant bags. They are $9.00 a piece. I have always been pleased with the bags & you get at least 30 different prints per bag. They sell so many cut kits, that these are leftover pieces. You get lights & darks.