Monday, March 9, 2015

Millefiori New Hexagon progress report

I am so far behind on my Millefiori New Hexagon Quilt Along. I finally got the next round of the second rosette stitched together. I've repeated the red fabric with the white snowflakes and plan to use it in some of the other blocks to give the quilt a cohesive look.

The round is now stitched to what I've already made and this is how it is looking.

I've also started Rosette 3.

To bring the shape back to a large 3" hexagon I have to add six little diamonds. The fabric I chose has a tan background that looks too stark against the red so I got out my brown Sakura pen and "fixed" the fabric. The top diamond shows the areas that need to be darkened and the bottom diamond is the result.

This is the result!

The other day I wrote about my Shweshwe fabric that comes from South Africa. One of the interesting things about it is that the manufacturers information is printed on the back rather than on the selvage. This is the logo on the back of the fabric; it is about 5" across. Perfect for a cat lover!

Well today I hope to be able to get some work done because the baby cat is sleeping. Sadly I know it won't last so I had better get cracking and make hay while the sun shines!

Until I post again, happy hay making!
Karen H


  1. You're doing so well on your rosettes! I just started on #2 yesterday and haven't touched #3 yet. And I smiled when I read your post, because I've used colored pencils to "help" a fabric or section of it fit better in my palette - works wonderfully!

  2. You're not behind, Karen - you're progressing. Both rosettes are gorgeous. I'll remember that trick you showed us. Choosing the fabric for a project always takes me the longest.

  3. These are huge rosettes and do take time. You are ahead of me. I eed to sew my pieces together for #2. Haven't even looked at three. Yours is lovely . Clever you for touching up your fabrics to make it work ; )

  4. Whatever, behind or ahead, your rosette is a beauty. The 3 have a great start. Wow. I love to see your progress. Nice day with the lazy cat, haha. Groet, Dientje.

  5. You are so prolific! I am enjoying seeing your parcel from you has arrived! Thank you so much, love it!

  6. Great rosette! I love the colouring in part.

  7. I love everything you do with hexagons. I desperately want to start this quilt but have to finish a few others first. I will do mine the Inklingo way. Your rosettes are looking great!

  8. What can I say.....Gorgeous! You baby kitty looks like my daughters cat named Elvis....:)