Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alex's quilt restarted, embroideries and what's in the garden today

What are you doing in my neck of the woods?
I'm heading over to Karen H's place to check out some more of her Mom's embroideries!
 I thought I would entertain you with a few more pictures of Anne H's (Mom) embroideries.

Blue butterfly

Ruby throated hummingbird

Wild rose

Jumping jacks
Yesterday I spent the day repinning the quilt for my friend's son Alex. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my progress.
Several weeks back I had pin basted it and was well into the quilting when I realized I had a problem - there were folds on the back. And why was this? Well I decided to ignore my own sage advice to stitch in the ditch and I just dived into the quilting of circles. I removed pins as I went and smoothed out the quilt top. I should have known - this doesn't work. I spent a week removing all of the quilting and that was a pain. So I spent yesterday pin basting the quilt and then stitched in the ditch with smoke monofilament. This morning I started quilting and the front and back are lovely, flat and smooth. So another lesson has been learned....follow my own good advice! 

I've had some comments and emails about how I finish the binding where it joins and I am so pleased that you found it helpful. I set it up as a tutorial under the  "Tips and Tutorial" tab at the top of this page. This is a method I came up with myself - I wanted a fast easy way to join the binding but still have a proper finish. One inch of hand sewing and you have a perfect join!

Finally some pictures of what is blooming in the garden this morning!


Lily of the valley

Orange species tulip

Laburnum tree

Giant false Solomon seal
Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Love the garden photos - so delightful!

    1. Thanks! I just took a look and there are new blooms in the garden so I'll be sure to take more pictures!

  2. great garden scenes, nice to see your friends have their own furniture

    1. I love how weathered the little bench has become. It belongs to the neighbour and was made for his little girl who is almost grown up now. So the bench is being passed on to another family with a little one. I'll have to snap a few more pictures before it goes! My yard is like a jungle so I use the neighbours yard and fence (with his permission) for quilt pictures.