Sunday, May 26, 2013

A new little house in the neighbourhood!

Yesterday my Janome was out of commission so it was a hand sewing day. I decided to make another Tiny World Make-Do Pincushion (the basic pattern is by Mimi Kirchner). I started a teacup and saucer and a remnant of olive green velveteen.

I covered the fibre ball with the olive green velveteen and stitched down the walkway using the darkest of the olive velveteen. Two strands of variegated floss to embroider all the little flowers!
I made a little house with a leaf roof and some little trees and bushes. And here is my new little cottage! I love these little treasures. They are so darned cute!
The tree and bushes are attached to stick pins so I will be able to do some landscaping!

I want to make another teacup pincushion! Here’s another teacup and saucer from the thrift shop. I love the outdoorsy look of the set so I think it will have a woodsy theme! I might have to visit the thrift shop for a sweater that can be cut up to cover the ball!


I was snooping in my Mom’s sewing room and found these two tiny deer. I asked if I could have them and she said yes so they will fit in perfectly in the next teacup!

For the record, I come by my desire to snoop honestly. I inherited the snooping gene from my Mom who could snoop for Canada at the Olympics! For example, Mom used to care for my daughter when she was very little and I was at work. She would say to my daughter let’s go to Ollie’s house and snoop! Ollie was Mom's sister and Ollie was out! And snoop they did! Ollie knew they were doing it and didn’t mind. So now my daughter is grown and when she comes to visit, guess what she does?  She snoops and usually leaves with an assortment of treasures found when snooping and subsequently given to her by me or my Mom! Snooping pays!

In keeping with the theme of little things, this is a miniature quilt that I made in 2002. I cut and machine pieces each block. It was not paper pieced. The finished quilt measures 9 1/2" by 11". I think one day I might want to make a large album quilt but I've got a few other things to do first!

And now for some loveliness from the garden this afternoon!

Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. I adore your landscape pincushions! They're fabulous. And the little deer are perfect!

    Also, that mini quilt! Whoa! How tiny must those bits and pieces have been. It would've driven me insane lol!

    1. Thanks Lia! The smallest piece is 1/4" square. A very talented quilt maker told me this about sewing minis on a sewing machine: it is just the same as handsewing except the needle goes up and down so just go slow. And it worked. Believe me if the small pieces were driving me insance I would have stopped at one but taking it slow worked like a charm!

  2. Oh I love your teacup pin cushions they are so creative and adorable. Your work is amazing. Congrats on you win at Quilt Gallery a couple of weeks ago. That quilt was Spectacular.

    1. Thanks Bunny. I do have to give credit to Mimi Kircher as it is her pattern that is the basis for the pincushions. Once you have the basics sorted out you can let your imagination run wild! The pattern is available at

      And thanks for the congrats on the win! I think I had as much fun making the quilt as I did exploring it afterwards!