Monday, May 13, 2013

Two African wall hangings quilted, another thread I love and the prize!

I’ve been working flat out and have managed to get these African wall hangings quilted for my Mom. Now all I have to do is trim and block and make the facing. Facings are a great way to finish quilts to give a nice clean edge. You can see examples of some of my Mom's quilts that are finished with a facing here.  I plan on making the facings this afternoon so I'll take pictures as I go and post them tomorrow. It is a fast easy way to finish a wall hanging. I don't think that I would use a facing to finish a quilt that will be used but it is perfect for "art" quilts!

So here are Mom's latest African quilts after the quilting. I used three different threads in the following piece, The Bottom Line by Superior for the hills, Anton-Robison Rayon for the sky and an unkown variegated thread for the ground. After the facings are attached Mom will embellish with beads and baubles and add the ladies hair. It is amazing what a difference a few little bits make. I'll be sure to take pictures once she had worked her last bit of magic!

The Bottom Line used for vertical lines

Variegated thread for ground

And in the second wallhaning I used The Bottom Line for the pebbles because it is very fine so I don’t get a heavy thread built up. The field, hills and sky were quilted with Robison-Anton Rayon threads.
The pebbles quilted with The Bottom Line
The field quilted with Robison-Anton Rayon thread
The hills quilted with Robison-Anton Rayon thread
The finished quilt

Close-up of huts, hills and sky
Robison-Anton Rayon thread is a lovely fine thread with a beautiful sheen. The cones hold 1100 yards of thread. This is a thread that all of my machines just seem to love. Sadly my local quilt shop was closing. Everything was 50% in the final days so I took advantage and stocked up on this wonderful thread. If you haven't tried it and can get your hands on a cone give it a go. I think you will be very happy with the result.

Last week I found out that Flora and Fauna, Parts of theGarden was the winner of the Quilting Gallery’s Show and Tell. The prize was donated by Bear Hollow Quilts & Such. A lovely package arrived today and look what was inside! A very pretty jelly roll, a bar of goat milk soap and a sample soap! Thank you so much to Bear Hollow Quilts!
Time to cut the facings! Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Please, please tell your mum that this wall hanging is beautiful! And you did a terrific job on the quilting! It looks so great!

    And that package you received is so well deserved! :D

    Oh, by the way...I found a blog that I am sure, you will really enjoy ;)
    Once you see the pictures of her work, you will know why it made me think of you ;)

  2. Congratulations - so well deserved!

  3. Thank you both for the congrats! It was so exciting to win!

  4. Congratulations Karen, when I voted I saw that your quilt was ahead of everyone else's by a "mile" and I was confident you'd win. I thought your quilt was the best one of all.
    Grace Ramirez.