Monday, May 6, 2013

Silent aucttion this week, sneaky mitred corners, an oopsie and another pincushion!

Wednesday evening is the Yorkshire Rose Quilters' Guild Clothesline Gallery Silent Auction. There will be over 75 wall hangings and shadow boxes up for auction. The proceeds go to 416 Community Support for Women. The doors open at 7:00 pm.The auction is being held at the Danforth Mennonite Church on the Danforth just east of Woodbine. You are all invited to attend. I have several pieces up for auction. Here are two of them.


I just finished the stitch in the ditch on Barbara’s quilt. Now on to the fun part of swirls or curls or circles or feathers - or maybe all of the above! It will tell me what to do as I go along!

This is the fabric on the back of the quilt. It is a large stripe pattern. In addition to using it for the backing, Barbara also used it as the border.
I showed her my sneaky method for mitred corners and she gave it a go! They turned out perfectly! I'll add it to my list of things to explain to you!

I’ve talked more than once about how perfection is over-rated. In making this quilt top Barbara noticed that one of the four patches was not put together correctly so there was no kaleidoscopic effect. She asked my advice. I told her "if it bothers you take that section apart and fix the problem; if it doesn’t bother you leave it as is". It bothered her so she fixed it. I was stitching in the ditch and on the second last block when I realized there is another block not quite right! Another one was wrong! Can you see where the problem is? The two vertical patches on the left need to be rotated 180o!
This is the correct orientation for the blocks:

Notice the white flowers are close to the inner corner rather than the outer corner. The quilt top has been seen by countless people (me included) and no one noticed the gaffe. Are we going to worry about it? No we aren’t! One little mistake just adds a little more charm! And it could provide opportunities for an interesting name for the quilt!

And now for another pincushion that I made. I found this lovely old glass candlestick at the local Sally Anne. I had some Moda scraps so I cut melonish shaped wedge shapes and sewed them together to make a large ball with an open bottom. It was stuffed with fibre fill. I embroidered and beaded the seams. The bottom was then gathered and attached to the candlestick. The finishing touch was some silk leaves and dried rose buds. I think it is very pretty and has a bit of a vintage look.

Time to get back to Barbara's quilt! So until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. All the best with the auction - wish I could be there but is a little too far away! Love that pincushion - such a good idea on the candlestick - looks very elegant.

  2. wow I am so lucky to have you working on that BIG looks great and I love seeing you do it live each day, thanks Karen

  3. Good luck with the auctions! The Anna Karenina one is so lovely!