Saturday, May 25, 2013

A green day in more ways than one!

I had taken my Janome machine in for servicing. I brought it home and used it no problem but when I removed the needle plate to clean underneath the plate would not sit flat so back to the shop it went. I was told I needed a new needle plate so I bought a new needle plate. Yesterday evening I decided it was time to clean underneath so I removed the needle plate for the first time since servicing and guess what? The new needle plate doesn’t sit flat. So tomorrow it goes back to the shop for the fourth time. Sigh. It looks like a day for hand sewing which means no electricity will be used so it will be an energy-efficient, green day!

I think I’ll work on another Tiny World Make-Do Pincushion. The pattern is available from Mimi Kirchner. I’ve already made one and want MORE! I want an entire village for myself because they are so darned cute!

My first tiny world make-do pincushion

They are actually very easy to make. The little house is made with bits of felt. It is so easy to hand sew felt so don't be afraid to give this pattern a go! The instructions call for a felted wool ball but I made do with green (environmentally friendly) fibre fill. 

For my next pincushion I will use a remnant of ombre olive green stretch velveteen that I found. I’m repurposing a remnant and it is green; can you see the green theme developing? The velveteen will make good grass for my tiny world.

And I have this pretty little teacup that was bought at a yard sale. More of the green theme here too!

I love embroidery so I'll find a way to incorporate some stitches in my pincushion! Hopefully it will be done tomorrow and I'll post a picture of the finished house!

It is a green day today….inside and out! I’ll finish off the green theme with some greenery from the garden!
Sweet woodruffe

Prairie crocus gone to seed

Chestnut tree in bloom
Until I post again, happy sewing!

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