Thursday, May 23, 2013

Barbara’s quilt – FINISHED!

Barbara's Quilt

Barbara made the quilt top and I quilted it for her. She will get it back today. It was an absolute pleasure to quilt because it was well pieced. She used spray starch on the top and backing so everything was flat and smooth when I pin basted and when I quilted it. There wasn’t a wrinkle, wobble or bobble in the entire quilt!
The blocks were made of fabric remnants on the scrap table at our Guild. Members who have leftover bits, UFOs, books, magazines and such that they no longer want or need will put them on the scrap table at the meeting. Others are free to help themselves. Barbara picked up a bunch of four inch squares of a large floral print. When then were sorted out she realized that many of the squares looked alike. So she grouped them into sets of four. Each set of four was then sewn together. Light cream and and dark beige sashings completed the blocks.

A simple plume border was quilted around each block.

Interlocking circles were quilted in the sashing.

A melon shaped feather wreath was quilted inside each block. The centre was stippled.

A friend was having a sewing room sale and Barbara found yardage of striped fabric from the same line as the floral four patches so she snapped it up. She used for the border and the backing. That striped border is just one fabric but the multiple stripes give the impression of more complex piecing.

And as a little surprise I snuck a grasshopper in the border.

Figure 8 quilting in the pale green part of the border print was followed up with generous feathered swag and flourishes.
The back of the quilt

We raided my Mom’s stash for the right green for the binding. Be sure to check out my tutorial for a super simple method of joining the beginning and end of the binding.

 And there you have it - Barbara's quilt!
I'm off for a day of sewing of sewing with Mom and some friends so until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. It is just GORGEOUS Karen.
    Enjoy your day off! See you soon.

  2. It's so beautiful! What an awesome job you did! :)

  3. Barbara loves her new quilt and is very fortunate to have such
    a generous and talented friend. The quilt looks even more beautiful in person. I wrap myself in love and
    is wonderful.

  4. It looks great! And there is some gorgeous holding it up!