Friday, May 17, 2013

More work on Barbara's Quilt and Some More of Mom's Embroideries!

It is the Victoria Day Weekend in Canada. It is a celebration of the birthday (May 24) of the longest reigning English monarch, Queen Victoria. I understand it isn’t celebrated in England. In Canada it is affectionately called "the May two four weekend". There will be fireworks galore. For me it means three days of uninterrupted sewing and quilting. My goal is to finish the quilting on Barbara’s quilt!

The melon wedges in the sashing were completed yesterday. I like my way of quilting a big quilt on my domestic machine because it allows me to move around and work on different sections. Everything was anchored with stitch in the ditch and then I decided to quilt the sashing.

Now that the sashing is done it is on to the blocks. I spent several hours doodling last night and this is what I came up with. It is a melon shaped feathered wreath. I will fill the centre with small stippling. This is the corner block so I will also quilt Barbara's name in it.
I think it complements the blocks and the feather border that I quilted around the block.

Here you can see a block with the centre stippled.


The direction of the melon wreaths will be alternated, one pointing to the right and the next to the left so when the top is quilted it will be something of a cross hatch.

Once the blocks are quilted I’ll finish the border with feather swags, or at least that is what I am thinking at this point. Again I did lots of doodling to come up with ideas.

Well I've a lot of quilting to do so I'll leave you with a few more close-ups of Mom’s embroideries; they measure 3" by 4" so they are small and very cute. The entire quilt will be shown after the quilting is done and the quilt is bound.

Old fashioned little grey bird
Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Beautiful pansies and the bees are adorable, too! :D
    And Barbara's quilt is coming along so nicely. Beautiful!

  2. Wow Karen it looks so different with the detailed quilting. You are a jewel of a friend. I can't wait to feel it. This quilt will
    be my treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Karen.