Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Anne's Anna quilt and another foundation pieced hexagon

Zebra Fellow and Zebra Girl during the filming of
the adventure story from the garden

I hope you enjoyed my adventure story from the garden over the past three days! I didn't know I was going to do it until I starting taking pictures in the garden when Teetoo the Cat appeared. It just sort of grew from there. I sure know how to amuse myself and I had lots of fun so there may be more stories in the future!

I am busy working on the Cherry Blossom Pattern and hope to get it finished as quickly as possible so you can make your own Cherry Blossom quilt. I'll let you know as soon as it is ready. The theme this weekend for Quilting Gallery's Show and Tell is Scrappy Quilt and Cherry Blossom is definitely scrappy so I've entered it!

Anne H (Mom) made some pretty little hexagons for her Anna quilt. I love the little bits of fussy cutting thrown in as centres for the hexagon flowers! They add a little pizzazz!

And there's usually a bee in Mom's quilts so here it is!

One of the main fabrics used is a dark beige. Mom only had so much of that fabric and we did a rough calculation (too rough apparently) and thought there would be enough for the border. We were wrong but Mom was already committed to the dark beige is it was the background fabric in the centre of the quilt. So the solution was to add a second dark beige fabric that was similar. We just made sure that the new addition appeared on all four borders and that it was distributed as evenly as possible. The fabric on the right was the second fabric.

Enough with the teasers already! So here is Anne H's version of the Anna quilt!

Pretty isn't it? Today I pressed it up nicely! I then pressed and lightly starched the backing. Here it is clamped to my table, ready for the batting and quilt top. The clamps are from an office supply store and they are mean to clip large piles of paper. The hold the backing really nice and tight which means I can give the fabric a good tug to make sure it is as tight and smooth as possible.

Here's the quilt sandwiched; after a couple of hours of work it was pinned and ready for quilting! I can't wait to get started on this one!

Yesterday I showed you a hexagon diamond and the hexagon template for foundation piecing. This is the hexagon I shared. The long side numbered 2 was placed next to each side of the centre hexagon. The final motif looked like spokes. By giving the hexagon a turn so that the short side with the 2 is next to the centre hexagon you get a different block!

This is what it would look like! It has lots of movement.

Try experimenting with your foundation pieced hexagons and see what you can come up with!

I'll leave you with some pictures from the garden!
Flies on the white loosestrife - I love the iridescent colours!

Cluster of elderberry flowers

Close-up of elderberry flowers! I thing close-ups of tiny flowers are amazing and fascinating!

It is very hot here (32 C) and even the snails are looking for places where they can hunker down and stay cool!
And the green-eyed Forest Gumby (he looks small but he is a big cat) found a nice green spot where he could get out of the heat and cool off!

Until I post again, keep cool and happy sewing!


  1. I have been longing for a good look at that quilt, so I was very excited to see it! Did you design it? It is so pretty and I love how you appliquéd the hexies round the border. One question, how did you manage to get such lovely smooth curves on the swags?
    Love the pic of Forest Gumby, what gorgeous green eyes he has!

    1. Hi Kath! The quilt was designed by Karen Cunningham and it called Anna quilt. Apparently it is based upon an antique quilt. Once I finish quilting this one for Mom I'll show you my version of the same quilt. I'll write up an explanation of how I did the swag and I'll post in in the next day or two. It is actually quite simple - you make one swag and when you are happy with it you make a paper template that you use to position all the other hexagons!
      I'll pass on the compliment to FG!