Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quilting the setting triangles on Cherry Blossom and the next steps

So now it is on to the setting triangles in my Cherry Blossom quilt. I tested my quilting pattern for the corners and the same motif will be used in the setting triangle. The curly queue on each corner starts in the corner. On the side setting triangles it will start in the centre of the long side. I didn't worry if the four corners were slightly different but I wanted the size and shape of the curly queue on the sides triangles to be reasonably consistent. To do this I drew the first curly queue on a setting triangle with a fabric marker pen.

I then traced the curly queue on a sheet of paper and cut out a template that I could use to draw all the other curly queues. I like making templates out of paper because they are inexpensive, recyclable and not made of plastic. I try as much as possible not to add to the amount of plastic consumed.

I placed the template on my setting triangles and marked the curly queue on the remaining setting triangles.

And here is the quilted triangle.

All of the setting triangles are now quilted so I can move into the centre of the quilt.
My next step will be to stitch in the ditch in the blocks made of nine patches and from there I'll do the final quilting inside those blocks. And then it will be finished! I've still not decided what I will quilt in the nine patches although I am thinking of little feathered wreathes in the little nine patches surrounded by half square triangles. I'll have to do some thinking and doodling! I have a test quilting sandwich with lots of different designs so one of them might work. I'll have to give it some thought.
So what is in the garden today? Lots of bugs and flowers!
Fly on coreopsis

Purple stuff and sedum

Hens and chicks just beginning to bloom

Hens and chicks close-up

 Orange beetle
Species foxglove
Come in closer!
And the wasp comes in for a snack!
One less bug!

Until I post again, happy sewing!

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  1. Karen, your quilting is just gorgeous love those feathers. I need to practice them for sure..hhmmmmm in my spare time lol.
    That red beetle where did that come from? Have not seen one of those. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Hugs Bunny