Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Masai quilt is quilted, another hexagon how-to and the Zebra story continues

Anne H's Masai quilt is now quilted and has been returned to her for embroidery and beading. This quilt will be sent to Renske Helmuth so that it can be added to a quilt that will be sold at an upcoming Mennonite Relief Auction. I think this one is quite effective and once Mom adds her details it will be spectacular!

One more African themed quilt to go and then I'll be able to get to her Anna quilt! I'm itching to get started on that one. Here's another teaser! This is the centre medallion of her quilt.

She just got the backing fabric and I think it will work perfectly. I don't look for fabric that "matches" the quilt but I do look for fabric that will work with the quilt. In this case Mom wanted something soft and subtle so she chose a pale gold and cream floral print. It works well with the dark beige print that is the background for her medallion. The dark beige is on the left and the backing is on the right.

And now for another foundation pieced hexagon star. This one is a wonky star but each hexagon is identical.

If you haven't foundation pieced before you should know that the right side of your block will be on the blank side of the hexagon. When you look at the pattern below what you are looking at is the wrong side of your hexagon. The lines are your sewing lines. This means that the pattern on the hexagon is the reverse of the front.

So back to the garden. Yesterday you'll recall that Zebra Girl and Zebra Fellow went for a stroll when all of a sudden they heard  something in the brush. So here's what happened next!

YIKES!!! It's Teetoo the Grey Panther from two doors down!! What do we do?


Zebra Fellow, not being much in the way of a great thinker, just does the big skedaddle!

Quick thinker that she is, the resourceful Zebra Girl turns and with all her strength pushes on the tree!

She really gives it some welly and one more good push!

and down comes the tree! SPLAT! Just like the house landing on the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz!

Fortunately for the Teetoo the Grey Panther it was only a "flesh wound" and he recovered quickly - mind you he did have a whopper of a head ache the next day! I doubt he'll mess with Zebra Girl again!

Until I post again, watch out for Teetoo the Grey Panthers and happy sewing!


  1. LOL!!! That story was hilarious! And the pictures! You're such a goof ;)

    Beautiful quilting by the way!

  2. Love the zebra story - great photos to go along with the text. Also I've seen all of your Mom's African quilts and I particularly like this one - it seems to carry a lot of emotion.

    1. Thanks Gail! It is so much fun to play with dolls and a camera! I saw Mom's Masai quilt and the embellishment is perfect! It will be completed in the next few days so I'll post pictures. I really like this one and will be sorry to see it go!

  3. I love your hexy ideas. This one the wonky star, put me in mind of a daisy, or the dahlias which my Grandad used to grow. They had those pointed petals. I was thinking a whole load of these blocks in dahlia colours would be so pretty!

    1. These hexies are so much fun and the more I play with them the more ideas I get! And as long as the ideas keep coming I'll keep sharing!

      I agree with your dahlia idea! If you started with a larger hexagon, say 2" or more, a quilt would work up very quickly! I say give it a go!

  4. Karen, you are a wonderful story teller too!!! I love the story.
    Anne's quilts are beautiful, just remind her not to overdo it with the embroidery and sewing.

    1. Thanks Grace! Glad you liked the story! As for Mom, telling her not to over-do things is pretty much like saying "don't breathe"! She is so eager to sew that she is finding ways to work around her broken arm. Fingers crossed that it mends and she can get back to sewing up a storm!

  5. these three posts made my morning Karen