Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Anna quilt finish, Cherry Blossom Pattern and more!

The quilting is done on Mom's Anna H quilt and I wanted to share some pictures with you because it will be another couple of days before the binding is finished. It will be the same fabric as the side triangle border so it will just blend in.

I very much admire the quilting of the likes of Cindy Needham, Diane Gaudynski and Harriet Hargrave and wanted to create a quilt that was more densely quilted like those made by these three talented quilters. So the Anna quilt is very heavily quilted. This is my first quilt that has been quilted to this extent and I LOVE the appearance. Unfortunately it is difficult to photograph in such a way that the quilting is shown to its best advantage. To compensate I've taken several pictures. So here we go!

The quilting is a little clearer here!

I am really pleased with the look of the quilting in the elongated hexagon border. It is a combination of feathers on the outside rows and figure 8s on the center row. The effect is very pretty, especially from the back!

This is the quilting plan for the elongated hexagons

The border quilting with dragonflies, meander quilting and straight(ish) lines!
So there you have it - Anne H's Anna H quilt! Now I'll make the binding for the quilt so Mom can finish it!
The reason that the binding isn't made just yet is that I decided to work on the Cherry Blossom Quilt Pattern and I am pleased to say it is almost done. A couple of last minutes checks and amendments and it will be posted tomorrow! I hope you like the pattern and if you make your own Cherry Blossom Quilt, l would love to see it!
I've been working on another quilt which I've not yet shared with you but it is coming soon. It is a scrap quilt that was inspired by an antique quilt. It is a fast, simple quilt but it has an interesting little border that I will remain a secret for the time being! For now, here is a sneak peak of my quilt that I call Brick Bungalow!
And the good news is that there will be another free pattern for this one so stay tuned!
For now I'll leave you will some pictures from the garden.
Turk's cap lily

Bottle brush

Bottle brush close-up
Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. Anna's Quilt is just beautiful. It looks like it has lots of texture. It sure has lots of interest and much detailed quilting. Another beauty Karen.

    1. Hi Babs and thanks! There is texture galore in this one. Very different from past quilts and I'm sure I'll do more quilting like this! It really was so much fun once I relaxed and settled into the rhythm of creating the designs!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and amazing and such quilting! You just do the most precise yet well thought out work and somehow it all just comes together into perfection! I've had several opportunities to see quilting by both Cindy Needham and Diane Gaudynski, and after their viewings I just decide some people have super human abilities! But then, we knew that, already!

    1. Thanks Michele! But honestly, when I started I couldn't quilt a straight line...even with a walking foot! Books by Diane and Harriet and Cindy's Craftsy class and LOTS of practice gave me the knowledge and confidence to get started and then keep going! But thank you for the kind words anyway!

  3. you can really see the dragon flies, they look great.

    I love the bottle brush flowers, I have only seen them in red before.

    I look forward to seeing your new quilt. I hope you don't run out of lovely things to show us!

    1. Hi Kath - It was difficult to photograph the quilt so that all the quilting shows as well as it does in person. I really like the dragonflies too! The bottle brush is an indigenous species. We also have the red one in the garden but it isn't as spectacular as the white. I have lots of lovely quilts and things to show and share in the months ahead so not to worry!

  4. This is stunning Karen. Even the back is awesome! You have a real talent for making true scrap quilts with 'stare' quality! Really beautiful - I bet your Mom loves it! x

    1. Mom is thrilled with the quilting of her quilt. She says it is the best one yet and I tend to agree! The back was an unexpected surprise! Soon I'll quilt my version of the same quilt!