Monday, July 8, 2013

Cherry Blossom border quilting and binding

The border quilting on Cherry Blossom is complete!

I wrote that I learn with every quilt I make and this is one thing I learned with this quilt - don't make the centre vein in the leaf too long or it will make the leaves look like skinny plumes! Next time I'll shorten them by about a third and I think that will give a better effect. But I can live with what I've done so it will stay as it is!
With the border quilting completed it is time to bind the quilt. Normally at this point I would have the binding made and ready to add to the quilt but this time I just wasn't sure what way I wanted to go....bind the quilt with the same fabric as the border so that it disappeared or use the pink fabric from the 1/2" inner border. I wanted to delay the decision until I could audition the options against the quilting. Here are the two fabrics being auditioned.

I decided the off-white was insipid and that the pink was a better choice so pink it is!

The binding is sewn to the quilt so now it needs to be stitched down. I am using my method of joining the binding which you can read about here. It is a quick easy method that requires no precision cutting - a few little hand stitches and the join will be closed and invisible!

My next step will be to quilt inside the pink border. All of the seams were anchored with stitch in the ditch and the pins are still in place. I've also been giving some thought to what I'll quilt in the setting triangles and I think I will use a motif like the one I used in Barbara's quilt Pink Peonies. It looks like a question mark with feathers and then more feathers flow out from the base. And I think I'll use Monopoly (invisible thread) so that the quilting reads as texture only.

For me nothing says summer like a walk through a field with the grasshoppers bouncing every which way as you move through their territory! I was out in the garden and someone bumped into me. I looked around to see what it was and this is what I saw!

Can't see him? He is hiding so - if you look a little closer you'll find him!

Chubby grasshopper hiding behind a stem!

He reminds me of the grasshoppers in my quilt Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden!

So what's blooming today? Lots and here are a few pictures. The insects are drunk with happiness from all the nectar in the garden and you will see some examples of this!

Species foxglove
Species foxglove close-up
Pink flax

Species clematis just getting started
Milkweed covered in ants
Coreopsis with a drunken wasp
Wasp covered in pollen and drunk on nectar!
Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. The binding is actually one of my favourite parts of making a quilt. I love how it makes everything neat, tidy and enclosed - such a good feeling! And I find just sitting, hand sewing it down is so wonderfully relaxing and satisfying. I agree that the pink fabric is the best choice.

    Lovely photos of the garden too!

    Natalie x

    1. I didn't always like binding a quilt but over the years it has become one of my favourite parts for the very reasons you've given!

      Thanks Natalie!