Saturday, July 13, 2013

My one hundredth post!

Close-up of Loopers in the Sky with Diamonds, 2005

Welcome to my 100th post. I hope you've been enjoying my blog, quilts, how-tos, tutorials, patterns, dolls and the odd curio! I've really enjoyed sharing what I've learned and what I do. And I really like hearing from you whether by email or comments posted. It tells me that there is an appetite for what I am doing. If you have questions about how I did something I hope you'll ask me - I am more than happy to explain! If there's something you want to see more of, just ask!

So to celebrate this milestone I decided to share another one of my quilts. This is an original design and I made this quilt in 2005 for my daughter whose nickname is Loopers. She was at university studying astrophysics and I wanted to make a quilt with an astronomy theme. I call the quilt Loopers in the Sky with Diamonds!

What is it about cats and quilt? Cats are drawn to them like catnip!

The quilt was made using my foundation pieced English paper piecing technique that I've written about in the past. It is a fun way to create interesting blocks and designs. Over the next little while I'll show you close-ups of several of the blocks!

Over the next 100 posts I have lots more in store. First off is finishing Cherry Blossom quilt today or tomorrow. And then there will be more nine patch quilts and free nine patch patterns coming! And maybe the odd story to go with the quilt!
Close-up of Piccadilly to the Nines

Close-up of Marazion

There will be more of Anne H (Mom's) African themed quilts; this one is in progress. It needs another border, quilting and Anne's beautiful embroidery and beading!

Anne H's Masai quilt in progress

There will be lots of hexagon quilts too!


I hope you'll stay tuned and that you'll enjoy what I bring to you in the next one hundred posts!

Before I sign off how about a few garden pictures?

Blackberries ripening

Bottle brush


Day lily

Young robin (I surprised him while he was having a splasharoo in the pond!

Until I post again, thanks for your interest and happy sewing!


  1. Huge congrats Karen on your 100th post! I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories and always learn something new - and I love seeing all your beautiful quilts. Here's to the next 100! Natalie x

  2. Congratulations on your 100th Post. I love your "Loopers in the Sky with Diamonds" and, of course, I always love to see Anne's African theme quilts.

  3. Congratulations on your 100th - huge achievement considering your posts are packed full of wonderful work and helpful hints!

  4. Karen, congradulations on your 100th blog...I'm travelling the next month across Canada but will be following you...maybe I will get to visit some quilt shops on the way, does anyone have any favourites?
    Keep up the great work, and again....thanks for sharing..

  5. yes I am enjoying your posts, especially the EPP ones. I shall be trying the foundation piecing idea, I like the combination of machine and hand sewn hexies and you have created some very interesting effects with this.
    I gave a link to your blog from one of my posts recently, so I hope more readers will pop over and enjoy your ideas and tutorials.
    Looking forward to what comes next :-D

  6. Congratulations on 100 blog entries. I've enjoyed them so far(since I began following) so I know I'm going to enjoy future entries as well. I love seeing all your quilts especially thee EPP ones.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS Karen on your 100th blog entry. I have enjoyed reading them and learned a lot from you, thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the good work. I have also enjoyed "looking" at your garden.
    Many blessings.