Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quilting the nine patch blocks made of nine patches

I've now stitched in the ditch in all of the nine patches made of nine patches and the red nine patch with the half square triangle border. With the stitch in the ditch completed I have removed all of the pins and that makes the quilt lighter and easier to manoeuver and manipulate. Here is the quilt with the pins removed and the stitch in the ditch completed.

So now it is crunch time...again!!!! What to quilt in the nine patches made of nine
patch blocks and the red nine patch blocks with the half square triangles. I started with the later. I sketched up a design which I liked and knew I could quilt so I jumped right in! I wasn't happy with the quilting so I spent the morning reverse sewing which is not easy with invisible thread. So back to the drawing border. After a bit of sketching I decided to repeat the motif from the setting triangles in the nine patch blocks around the outside edge of the quilt and I'll leave the decision about the red nine patch blocks with half square triangles until I get to the point where I must decide! This is what I planned on quilting.

My plan is to quilt the motif from the centre of the nine patch blocks  at the four corners (the top to sketches)  and the remaining blocks along the sides will be quilted from their  corner (the bottom two sketches).  This is the first corner block quilted. Three more to go!

The quilting isn't perfect - it is difficult quilting over all of the seam allowances but I am relatively happy with the quilting especially after having spent a few hours reverse sewing!

And this is the first side nine patch block quilted. Nine more to go!

And this is the corner of the quilt where you can see both of these blocks quilted.

There are six more nine patch blocks made of nine patches in the centre of the quilt and I've not settled on what I'll quilt but it will have to be a variation of what I've already quilted. I'll do some sketching and something will come to me I am sure!

And then it will be back to the red nine patches surrounded by half square triangles. There are twelve of them. Ideas are percolating! What I do know is that I like a flat quilt so maybe there'll be some stippling involved.

How about a quick look at what I saw in the garden today?

Species clematis

Loosestrife close-up

Ants on the butterfly milkweed close-up

I couldn't resist showing just one more picture of the orange beetle. He was in my quilt Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden. Mom (aka Anne H) doesn't like these guys (or snails)!
Close-up of orange beetle in Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden
Until I post again, happy sewing!

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