Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Another GG Block

On May 9 I wrote about how I altered a fabric that I wanted to use in my version of the Godstone Grannies (GG) coverlet. If you missed it you will find it here.  I had the right fabric for the block but it was the wrong colour (the hexagon on the left in the picture below). I had planned on using my yellow Sakura pen but it ran out of ink (the hexie in the middle). I used watercolour paint and textile medium to tint the fabric to the desired shade (the hexie on the right)! I cut out all of my hexagons, basted them to the foundation paper and tinted them.

I watered down the yellow watercolour paint and then added the textile medium. All of the hexagons were painted and allowed to sit for 24 hours. The colour was heat set with a medium heat iron. In addition to these yellow hexagons I added three other fabrics (the fabric on the far right is the one that I tinted with the paint and textile medium).

Voila - the finished GG block! I also used a black Sakura pen to blacken the edges of the yellow hexagons where they touched the center hexagon.

This block is one of a pair and the second one is cut, basted, painted and ready to be stitched. I am pleased with how my block turned out! If the paint-textile medium is used sparingly the fabric remains soft and pliable. At this point I estimate that half of the blocks are finished. The remaining blocks are all basted and are waiting to be stitched together. Most of the path is cut and basted so it should go a little more quickly from here on!

Before I go I thought I would share another one of the blocks from my Ausiegons quilt. One of the fun parts about making the quilt was the ability to experiment with colour combinations and print combinations. I learned so much and in the end all of the blocks worked together. I am fond of this colour combination!

There'll be no post tomorrow but I'll be back on Thursday. Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Wow, Karen, as I First saw your fabric-painting, could I not believe , that it would look so god together. Great Job!
    Greetings from Norway .

  2. I agree your painted blocks are perfect

  3. Another gorgeous block. Your painting fits in so well.

  4. Great painting, Nd looking forward to block 3. Just getting over the flu slowly so by Friday I should be better.

  5. smashing godstone that, I would never have recognised the central fabric though from the selection of it shown! Amazing how centrally minded your eyes can be when looking for areas to fussy cut! ok my eyes lol
    Great colour shading result with the medium and watercolours - thinking on your feet at its best ~

  6. Hey Karen! I'm finally having time to catch up on some blogs! Love this block you've made...it's lovely! You have a good eye for fussy cutting! The super busy times are done at my house and I'm ready to pick up a needle today. That makes for a wonderful day, right! Next, I'm off to read your other posts! Can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. The GG block, certainly shows the value of taking the time to fussy cut. It's stunning. The Ausiegons quilt is lovely. I really love your use of colour.