Friday, May 9, 2014

Making it right

I was putting off cutting the patches for one of my Godstone Grannies block because I just couldn't find the right fabric in my stash. I finally decided to take my own advice and make it right! I selected a fabric with a dark print on a pale grey background but I wanted something that had a yellow tint to it so that it would be a little softer and work with the yellow center. The solution? My Sakura Pigma pens! On the left you can see the fabric and above and below the hexagon block are a yellow pen and a black pen.

I used the yellow pen to soften the grey background and give it a soft, pale yellow tint. The black was used to darken the bottom edge of the hexagon and also to create a slight curve to create a secondary design. The hexagon on the left has been colour adjusted and the hexie on the right is "au naturel"! It is a subtle difference but that's all I needed.

In the next picture you can see that  the top three hexies have been altered and the bottom three are plain. I am much happier with the top three.

When all six are adjusted you can see the black shading around the center hexagon adds more visual interest!

So everything was going along smoothly until another problem arose! My yellow pen ran out of ink! But you know me.....problem/solution is my way of working! I knew I had a bottle of textile medium so I hauled it out along with my watercolour paints. I mixed up a little paint with the textile medium and did a test hexie. The hexagon on the left is au natuerl, the middle hexie is tinted with the pen and the hexie on the right is painted with the textile medium and watercolour paint. The painted hexie is a little darker than the hexie coloured with the pen but I think I like it better and it works with the center. So I'll baste all of the hexagons, paint them and then heat set the paint to make it permanent!

So if you find that you need a particular fabric for a block but don't have it in your stash, experiment! You might just come up with something really special!

Until I post again, happy messing around!
Karen H


  1. This is quite interesting. Love how you solve problems.
    I finally got my first hexagon block put together.

  2. I never think to do anything more than tea dye fabric that is too white. That's why I like reading your blog; you come up with great ideas! Love how the black really frames the center hexie.

  3. you are so clever my friend-and I agree I love the color much better now too. did you have to heat set the color with an iron

    1. oops I just noticed that you said you will heat set them-I didn't know about the textile medium-like that

  4. Awesome.... art quilting hexies! I've used a few tricks with pens and water colors that saved some almost ruined in the past and am always grateful to remember how many things you can do with them. Now, you've shared some great ideas with others and lets see what they do ..such fun!

  5. What fun!
    I remember you showing something similar before and I used this technique very successfully with my Soupcon quilt.
    It has given me the confidence to try more customising of fabrics.

  6. I love how you always come up with a solution.

  7. Wow Karen, you are so resourceful. I will have to try this. Does the textile medium affect the feel of the fabric?

  8. I love the newly created fabric of your yellowish hexie. What a clever lady you are.

  9. You're wonderwoman,aren't you?
    The final result is fabulous...

  10. I have so much fun just sitting back and watching you work. You never cease to surprise and amaze me....and more importantly....inspire and teach me. Thank you for being you.