Sunday, May 18, 2014


There were a few leftovers from The Girl's quilt so what to do with them? I decided it had been some time since I made an improvisational piece a la Gwen Marston, Rayna Gillman or Jean Wells. I have a box in which I store some select scraps along with some small liberated pieces. I do love pretty boxes! This one looks like a book!

This is what I've got inside!

I cut my leftovers from The Girl's quilt with scissors and starting sewing and cutting and sewing! This is a very liberating method of quilt making! I also pulled a couple of pieces from my Japan box to chop up and add to my quilt.

I made the center portion but it needed some open spaces to shine so I made a second section (on the right) and attached it to the center panel. I then made the piece on the right to balance the quilt. The section on the right is ready to be attached to the rest of the quilt. Mind you everything needs a good press with a hot iron and spray starch before it is stitched together!

Once the three sections were stitched together I added solid greyish white strips to the top and bottom. Here's the finished piece! It measures roughly 21" by 14". The outer sections reminded me of knives and the center section a dinner plate! So what to call this? That was easy.....2 Knives, No Fork! I'll layer it with batting and backing and quilt it when I work on The Girl's quilt.

You can see how the small quilt works well with the large quilt. Maybe she'll get a quilt and a wall hanging!

Until I post again happy sewing! 
Karen H
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  1. Great box! I have tried my hand at a few of those improvisational pieces ala Gwen - the are a lot of work deciding what comes next. Love the name!

  2. I love pretty boxes, too. If we're going to keep something, we might as well keep it in something pretty. I think all your scraps played together very well. You couldn't have planned it better. The name is perfect!!