Friday, May 16, 2014

Value Proposition Quilt Along - Block 3

Welcome to Block 3 of my Value Proposition Quilt Along (QAL). I hope you are having fun making these blocks but if you haven't got the time to make them now I hope that at least you are enjoying seeing them! I like this block because of the strong contrast in value however once you see the layout you might prefer to use a less stark contrast. It is up to you because you are making your quilt!

Value Proposition Map for Block 3

Value Proposition Recipe for Block 3
  • Cut 11 Light identified as A on Map (1 for Center, 6 for Round 2 and 4 for Round 3)
  • Cut 16 Dark-medium identified as B on Map (6 for Round 1, 4 for Round 2 and 6 for Round 3)
  • Cut 10 Dark identified as C on Map (2 for Round 2 and 8 for Round 3)
My Value Proposition Block
This is my block shown in black and white. It reminds me of a moth or a butterfly!

This is my block in colour. While the block could be made of just three fabrics I chose to use a variety of scraps. I thought that it added a little more interest and I didn't have enough of some of the fabrics to cut the required number of hexagons! For example I didn't have enough of one of the black prints in Round 3 so I cut what I could and then added a second black print. They were positioned across from one another to balance the block. I'm naturally drawn to the earthy, muddy colours. When you make your block use the colours that appeal to you!

If you have extra hexagons hang on to them because you might find that they will fit in quite nicely into some of the scrapier blocks to come! My version of Block 4 will be quite scrappy!

I set up a Value Proposition QAL page on Flickr so you can post pictures of your blocks and see what others are doing! It is always exciting for me to see how others take my ideas and make them their own so please do join in the fun and share your pix!

If you are looking for previous installments of the Value Proposition QAL you will find all of the links under Quilt Alongs by Karen H just under the banner. I hope you have fun making Block 3. Block 4 will be available on May 30, 2014. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or so send me an email. I reply by email to every comment. If you don't hear from me it means you are a no-reply blogger so I have no way of contacting you unless you leave your email address in your comment!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. Thank you for these blocks, I have set up a favorite's file for these posts-so they will all be together. I am enjoying seeing all the different possibilities of arranging the hexies.
    I have decided to wait and see all the blocks first and how the finished quilt looks before I decided what I want to make. and I am thinking perhaps waiting til winter to start-not sure though-lol
    I do very much enjoy reading and learning from you-hugs

  2. It does look like a butterfly Karen. Thanks for these! Off to pick fabrics:)

  3. I am enjoying reading your posts on this SAL. I am away from you "fabric collection" and cannot start this project; but I am really enjoying it. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Karen for this journey it is all so new to me.. I will see what I can come up with, as soon as I finish the other two.

  5. Working on colors for this block! I have just a couple little seams to finish on #2, then on to this one! So fun!

  6. Anche io preferisco vederli tutti prima di iniziare il lavoro. Sono bellissimi ma anche curiosa di vedere la trapunta finita! Grazie per tutto.
    Silvana Italia

  7. How are the blocks going to be arranged on the finished quilt - is it up to us to choose or is there a Secret Plan in the design? Just thinking about how to spread my different scrappy fabrics fairly evenly across the quilt.

    1. Hi Tim D! I wanted to send you an email but you are a no-reply blogger. There are 18 whole blocks and 4 partial blocks. If you check under the tab Quilt Alongs by Karen H you will find a link to my post about the construction of this quilt. Or you can just go here:
      Each of the blocks will be surrounded by back ground fabric so you will be able to arrange them in a pleasing manner based upon the colours you have chosen. I hope this helps! If you leave your email in a comment I would be more than happy to email you!


    2. Thank you!
      Jackie (Tim's other half :) )

  8. It's been a lot of fun, following along as you introduce each block. I'm learning a lot. Thank you for your time and commitment to teaching us, so much.