Monday, May 19, 2014

Bloggers' Quilt Fest - Flora and Fauna Parts of the Garden

Nominations are now open for the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side.  Viewing and voting begins on May 24 and it closes on May 29. Each quilter may enter two quilts in eleven categories. There are wonderful prizes available to be won for those who enter quilts and for readers too! To be entered to win a prize all you have to do is leave a comment here! If you would like to enter a quilt or two go here. You have until May 23rd to enter!

I expect there will be loads of entries so it will be a great way to go to a quilt show from the comfort of your home! I know I'll be making myself a lovely cuppa and then I'll settle back and be inspired by the display of wonderful quilts! It will also be a great way to discover new blogs!

I have decided to enter two quilts. Today I'll tell you about the first one. I entered Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden in the small quilt category (more than 80" but less than 240") . My quilt measures 29" square.

Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden by Karen H

Flora and Fauna was a challenge quilt. My Guild offered kits for $10 and each included three fat quarters from Northcott. None of the fabrics were meant to go together and if fat they had nothing in common. That made for a huge challenge! The rules allowed for six additional fabrics. The bright blue circle in the center was one of the challenge fabrics. I also used the wrong side of that fabric to give me a lighter blue and it was the first ring around the center circle. The red and black butterfly wings were cut from the second fabric which was long-stem red roses on a black background. I used the black background to cut parts of the chickadees (little birds).

The third fabric was pink, purple and yellow flowers and leaves on a white background. I used the background for the white on the chickadees.

The flowers were fussy cut for the wings on butterflies,

I also used the green leaves to create this praying mantis!

The fancy leaves, the little flowers and the grasshopper body were all cut from a single fabric. The fabric had a pale creamy background which I used for the chickadees and the print on this fabric was all sorts of flowers and leaves in a wide variety of colours. This provided me with a wide range of design possibilities.

To the fancy floral fabric I added three green (two of which were medium and one light for the border), one pale blue (pictured above)  and a brown mottled print (also pictured above). In the picture above you can see the blue, the mottled brown and the band of green is actually the two medium greens.

I added lots of embroidered details to embellish the quilt and then I hand quilted the whole thing.

The walking stick insect (upper right) was cut from the stem of one of the long-stem red roses! I love the red ants and their tunnels but they do have a nasty bite!

This is one of my favourite small quilts that I have made. I started with a little idea which was the sky in the center and the ground as the border and then it just grew and developed from there. As I went along I just appliqued and embroidered until I had had enough. At that point I knew it was done and it was time to hand quilt!

Tomorrow I'll write about the second quilt I will enter! I'm not sure which one it will be. I'm considering Stars in the Loft,

or perhaps Mom's Flower Bed. The floral fabric I used for all the leaves, berries and bugs in Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden was used to make this quilt.

I'm also considering entering Cherry Blossom or perhaps Loopers in the Sky with Diamonds!

I'll have to make my decision in the next day or two but value your input so if you have any suggestions I am open to them!  If you have quilts of which you are proud why not consider entering them? It is a great way to share your work with a wider, friendly audience!

Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. There are lovely quilts in the small category, but yours is spectacular, Karen. I know which one to vote for. And I love all the quilts you mentioned for the second quilt - however Stars in the Loft is my favorite.It's fabulous too!

  2. The Flora & Fauna quilt is stunning Karen - beautiful work & design.

  3. I love the Flora & Fauna quilt. Spectacular quilt love the embroideries!
    Great colours of The Stars in The Loft !

    Have a nice day.

  4. The flora and fauna is amzing! So much detail. I vote for your second entry to be that last picture you posted. I wasn't sure which name went with it.

  5. your quilts are just gorgeous Karen! I hope you win

  6. Goodness Karen, what a hard choice. I love the Flora and Fauna sooooo much. For me your second entry is a toss up between Loopers and Lazy Punk. I guess it depends on the category. Loopers definately shows off a lot of your piecing skills.

  7. good luck with your entries Karen. I really like Flora and Fauna, the detail is amazing. Any of your quilts would stand proudly in any competion.

  8. Oh Karen, One Quilt is more beautyful then the other! God Luck with your entries.
    Ha en fin dag!

  9. Flora and Fauna is stunning and such an innovative approach to make full use of the fabrics!
    Stars is really striking so think Id opt for that as a second entry but frankly, each of your quilts look to be so beautifully and thoughfully pieced, I can see whay youd have trouble choosing only 2!
    Do you have to post them off some place - scary! they may get lost!!
    or can you enter several online and thus more safely?

  10. flora and fauna is amazing and the blue is a favorite of mine!

  11. Flora and Fauna has now made my top ten list of all-time favourite quilts. I love everything about it from the blue background to the red ants. It should do very well in the festival. For your second choice, Mom's flower bed, is my fave, but Stars in the Loft (which I also love), photographs so well. It's a tough choice and I think you should go with your instincts.

  12. Flora and Fauna is a stunning quilt. I like Stars in the loft for your second choice.

  13. I also LOVE your Flora and Fauna quilt!! It is gorgeous!! So much to see. There is always something new everywhere you look. :D

  14. I also love the other two quilts you posted. That is a tough call, which one to enter. They are both beautiful!!

  15. The quilt you are entering is really beautiful.

  16. Beautiful quilts and best of luck in the show. I love all the "critters" in the Flora and Fauna quilt. Nice Job.

  17. The flora and fauna quilt is beautiful. Lots of small interesting details. Have fun with the quilt show, how exciting.

  18. Oh, wow - all that tiny detail work! Impressive.