Thursday, May 22, 2014

Godstone Grannies Update and another African Quilt by Anne H

YAHOO! I've stitched all of my Godstone Grannies blocks into rounds. Here you can see them all in their storage box ready to be stitched into blocks! It looks like a bunch of hexagon noodles!

Sometimes I like to stitch my hexagons in rounds. Godstone Grannies is made of diamond blocks so four hexagons make up the center. The next round is made of 12 hexagons, the following of 20 hexagons and the final round is made up of 28 hexagons.  I sew the rounds together and pin them together. That's what you see in the box, a bunch of these.

In the picture below you can see them laid out ready for to be stitched together. I'll use a colour of thread to match the round that is being added. In this instance I'll choose an orange-gold thread to stitch the round of 12 hexagons to the 4 rusty hexagons in the center. I'll sew all the way around and then close the opening. I like doing it this way because it is much easier that starting and stopping by stitching one hexagon at a time! The next round will be an off white thread to sew the round of twenty hexagons and finally a deep gold will be used to stitch the final round of 28 hexagons.

This is my Mom's (Anne H) most recent African themed quilt. This one is very dimensional  and you get a feel of depth. I will quilt it for her and then she will add her magic touches to bring it alive! It measures roughly 19" square.

I pin basted the quilt and then started the quilting. I used Superior Monopoly on top and The Bottom Line in the bobbin. I quilted around all of the appliques. Once that was done the fun could begin! I started by quilting the foreground, mid-ground and background with a variety of threads.

I love the little girls - they are so cute! You can see that the grasses in the mid-ground were worked in a up and down zigzag type of stitch. This is a great movement for coordinating the hand machine speed when quilting. It is a smallish design so it would also be a great warm up or practice exercise before moving on to a good quilt. I always do a warm up on a practice sandwich before I start quilting. It serves several purposes: it helps me get into the groove of the quilting movement, to check my tension and to test my thread.

Once the whole thing was quilted I bound it with a facing. My Mom likes to have her quilts finished this way because she wants them to look like pages torn from a magazine. I'll return the quilt to her so she can put the final touches on her quilt. Once she has beaded and embellished to her heart's delight I'll share pictures with you!

That's it for today! Until I post again, happy sewing!
Karen H


  1. good morning Karen, tell your Mom I love love her new quilt block-her quilts are just wonderfuly!

  2. Your Moms quilts are amazing and of course yours are two.

  3. Tell your Mon , her quilt looks fabulous!
    Your quilting also Karen, it comes alive with your quilting!
    Looking forward for the end result.

    Have a nice weekend,

  4. These are wonderful quilts and I love your Mothers, especially if she is going to add some beading and accents. Cant wait to see it again once it is done.

  5. You've got a pretty creative Mom there!!

  6. Love Mums quilt! and you've quilted it so sympathetically, like the smashing sky fabric you've embellished its perfect design!
    Loving too the childrens' hair : )
    The Godstones' look wonderful just in the case, Id probably end up keeping like that lol

  7. I love your technique for the hexie block rings. I am trying it for the first row of the path on my first value proposition block. So much easier!

  8. So love your hexies and the and double wow! :)

  9. Your Mom is very creative....she gave you the love of quilting!!! Your hexies are always so fantastic!!!
    bonne Fête des Mamans to all of you

  10. So creative - and I like how you changed directions(that up and down) the quilting- really adds dimension to the quilt. How many is that she has made? She could do here own gallery showing.

  11. Your quilting really does add movement to your mom's quilt. I especially like how you quilted the clouds on her quilt. You make a great team.