Saturday, September 7, 2013

Craftsy customer service, my field trip, show and tell and the tote bag

I've taken several Craftsy online workshops and have been really pleased with them (I usually wait until they are on sale and they do go on sale quite regularly). I recently purchased the Angela Walters Dot-to-Dot class. As always it was a good workshop but it was shorter than others I've taken and it could have used more content. Afterwards I read the student reviews and their opinions were very similar to mine. This morning I received an email from Craftsy saying that  they realized this course's content is "a bit less in-depth than (their) other quilting classes" so they invited me to take another workshop for free! I love it when a company listens to its customers and takes immediate action to address concerns. Way to go Craftsy - I am a very happy customer and look forward to taking more workshops in the future and to recommend the workshops to fellow quilters!

My field trip yesterday was fun. We went to Log Cabin Yardage. Nicole had previously only sold her fabrics online and at quilt shows but has recently opened a store front operation.

It is truly a fabric store...she sells only quilting fabric (no notions or patterns) and I kind of liked that! Her prices are excellent and she has a wonderful selection of modern fabrics.  She still sells her fabrics online and at quilt shows. Just look at this lovely assortment of fabrics that I'm adding to my stash!

And then there was this toile that I couldn't resist!

Take an up close look at the images! I love them! Wouldn't they be great fussy cut and surrounded by hexagons?

We need a better word than stash. Stash sounds like a small pile whereas my collection is more like a mountain. How about moustash - I've got a moustash of fabric but I could always use a little more fabric! How big is your moustash?

Hope you've had a chance to take a look at the Show and Tell quilts at Quilting Gallery! Take a look at "Some Folks Resting" by NinaMe of the Russian Federation. It is VERY interesting! The quilt I entered is called "A Challenging Year". Here are a few close-ups of the details.

The cherry tree in winter

The cherry tree in spring
The cherry tree in summer - yummo!

The cherry tree in autumn
And now it is time for me to get back to work on the tote bag for my swap partner.  I've appliqued some butterflies and need to add a grasshopper.
The side pockets with butterflies
Side panel with two butterflies

Side panel with one butterfly - grasshopper will go where the pin is placed
The front and side panel
Tomorrow I hope to show you some pictures of Mom's latest African themed quilts with the embellishments. Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. That is the best toile I've ever seen lol. What is the line/name?
    xoxo melzie

    1. I agree with you about the toile! It is called "Midnight Pastoral" and it is by Alexander Henry. The date is 2010 so it is an older line.