Sunday, September 15, 2013

A few more Lazy Punk blocks, another quilt and in the garden

I've completed the applique on two more blocks and my hands are not entirely happy doing handwork these days. There are lots of little muscles in the hands that don't get used and now they are feeling tender. I was tempted to just machine appliqué them but I need a handwork project for a sewing get together so I'll just continue on with hand work. Here's what I did last night!


And here's a bunch of the blocks on the design wall. The wedges are pinned to the backgrounds just waiting to be appliquéd.

 I've been debating making half blocks for the borders. I've made the templates and I'll explain how I made them tomorrow. The recipient of the quilt mentioned that my skeleton toile was very appealing and I should incorporate it in the quilt. So I think I'll use it for the setting triangles on the sides and the corners. I've only got a yard of the fabric and it is a directional print so I'll have to cut it carefully so make sure all the lovely skeletons are going in the same direction. I think that the triangles that don't have of the pictures showing will have wedges appliquéd.

 I had previously show you some close-ups of a hexagon quilt I made several years ago. I call it Mom's Flower Bed because it reminded me of my Mom's beautiful garden. There are flower beds all around the edge and a small circle garden in the middle. And this is my quilt! I used one print to make all of the stars. It is the same fabric that I used in Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden. It is a terrific print that has been very well used in several of my quilts!

And this is a close-up shot of the centre of the quilt. On my list of things to do is to explain how I made all of the stars from the floral fabric. It was surprisingly easy!

Flora and Fauna, Parts of the Garden Close-up

And finally, what is in the garden you ask?

Autumn crocuses in bloom

Berries on the Arum Metallicum
Berries on the Lily of the Valley

The Angel's Trumpets are loving the cooler weather
I have no idea what this is but it sure is pretty!
That's it for today! This lazy girl had better get to work on her Lazy Punk blocks. So until I post again, happy sewing!

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