Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby it's cold outside and SEVEN more Lazy Punk blocks!

Baby it’s cold outside! Last night the temperature dipped to 4oC which is about 39oF! Chilly but I love it! I threw open the windows and put one more quilt on the bed, Butterscotch Ripple. It was bliss - cold air and a warm quilt. Even Forest Gumby was cold so he spent the night on my bed on the new quilt! I love the feel of a freshly machine quilted quilt. They are stiff but gradually soften up.

And when I got up, Gump decided to have a lay in on the warm spot! Life is good when you are loved and have a warm quilt.

 Last night my fingers were flying and I managed to appliqué seven blocks for my Lazy Punk quilt which was inspired by Jennifer Kingwell's Steam Punk quilt. And here are the first five of the seven. They all need a good press and a trim but you get the idea. They will all be set on point which means some of the motifs in the hub cap centres look like they are on their sides. They will be correct when they are on point.

And here are the sixth and seventh. I may make some revisions to these two block but I'll wait a little bit before I decide. I like to have some "uglies" in a quilt and the first of the two blocks ticks that box! I am not happy with the wedge made of striped fabric in the lower right corner but it does look better on point.  The arcs are all the same fabric, a blue bookbinder print but it is a drab section of the print on the striped wedge so I might just replace the arc with a brighter blue. And I might do something with the hub cap.

I do like this next block but the hub cap is a bit of a snooze fest! What I've been doing with boring centres is creating a compound hub cap.

I started with this fabric which I really like but when it was placed in the centre of a block it too was boring. I resolved this by fussy cutting a centre from another fabric to make a compound hub cap.

And this is the compound hub cap. Much better. And that is what I might do with the last two blocks I showed you. We'll just have to wait and see!

That's it for today. I will be away for the next two days but will try to post if I can but I can't promise.

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