Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lazy Punk - the block comes together

So all of my wedges are made and the arcs appliquéd. Now I need background fabrics. I rough cut my blocks at about ten inches. With my marking tool (I've been using a Frixion pen and a Bohin mechanical chalk pencil throughout) I marked a nine inch square on my fabric making sure that there was 1/2" extra fabric all around the square. I then placed a ruler and lined up opposite corners. I drew a line about 3" long in the centre and then I repeated this with the opposite corners. The result is an X in the centre of the block.

I place a wedge on the block making sure the edges of the arc are just inside the line.

In the centre I make sure that the lines in the X fall in the middle of the wedge. The wedges may be slightly different in length because they were rough cut so I don't look at having the inner edges equidistant. All I want to make sure of is that the centre of the wedge is lined up with the lines in the X.

And here are the wedges positioned on the background. I like to place a pin just below the curve of the arc. I flip up the inner part of the wedge and place a little glue on the sides and at the end of the wedge and finger press the wedge in place. I then remove the pin and gently turn back the arc. I run a little glue along the edges of the arc and fold in back and finger press it in place.

Alternatively you can draw the X from corner to corner. Fold the wedge in half lengthwise and line the fold on the line. When the corner of the arc is near the edge unfold the wedge, make any necessary adjustments to line it up and the pin/glue it in place.

All that is left is the hub cap.  In the first photograph I have the original size from the pattern I drafted. I think it is a little on the small side.

So I drew a larger circle and made a new hub cap. This one has a little more substance to it and I think it is better.

And since I had the two different size hub caps I tried layering them together. Interesting, isn't it! It might be fun to do a few like this for a little extra something!

So how did I make the fussy cut hub caps? Once again I made a window template for fussy cutting and I also cut a circle out of Mylar but you could also just use cardboard. I positioned my window template on my fabric and with my Frixion pen traced around the inside edge of the template.

I then cut out the fabric leaving a 3/8" seam allowance.

With a needle and thread I stitched all around the edge of the circle. I like to use smaller stitches so that when I draw up the thread the gathers are smooth.

I place my Mylar (or cardboard) circle on the wrong side of the fabric and smoothly draw up the thread to gather the circle.

I turn it over to make sure the motif is centred. If it isn't I place my left hand thumb in the centre and my index finger on the centre of the other. I hold my needle and thread with my right hand. I can slide the fabric until the motif is better centred and with my right hand I draw the thread taught and then pinch where the thread exits the fabric with my right hand. I quickly give the circle a press with a hot iron. I then give it a little shot of spray starch and press once again.

I loosen the thread enough to remove my Mylar (or cardboard) circle. I draw up the thread again so that the circle is flat and I tied off the thread.

Now the hub cap is ready to be glued to the block. Here is a block that is glue basted and ready for hand or machine appliqué. Once the appliqué is completed I'll trim the block to 9 1/2". In this photograph the block is straight set.

Here is the same block set on point and it gives a different look! Not sure which I like better but in the quilt I make the blocks will be set on point.

Since I am setting the blocks on point I will have to make some half blocks for the setting triangles on the sides and quarter blocks for the corners. I am not interested in making whole blocks and cutting them in half - that's wasteful. I'll explain what I will do in my next post.

I've decided to take the day off tomorrow but I'll be back the following day! Until then, happy sewing!


  1. Karen, I've been saving these post, knowing I have way to much on my plate. BUT seeing these on your backgrounds have made me fall in love with this quilt. You've done it again!

  2. Great to see your working. I have found windows invaluable for fussy cutting too. You picked a perfect centre fabric there!

  3. Hilda and Rita - thanks for reading and thanks for the comments. I'm glad you are getting pleasure out of what I'm doing. I know that I'm having a blast!