Friday, September 20, 2013

A plethora of Lazy Punks and what I have planned for an upcoming post

I've got seven more blocks finished...a veritable plethora!

Two different greens were used for the wedges. I cut two on the grain and two are not on the grain (the one o'clock position and the seven o'clock position). I think this adds interest and movement.

Simple but effective!

Fabrics don 't have to match - in fact I think it is better if they don't match but they do have to "go".

Another simple  block but the hub cap in the centre adds spice!

The blue and white stripes are exciting!

Another compound hub cap in the centre of this block.

Love, love, love the striped arcs on this one. I think the wedges look like spinning propellers!

I like to shop at Fabricland and today they had a members' sale. Everything was 50% off the regular price. Who can resist that kind of sale. Certainly not me! So I was able to purchase some fabric for a demo I have planned. I want to show you how I cut the patches for my quilt Mom's Flower Bed.

Mom's Flower Bed

All of the little stars were cut from a single fabric. The first few were fussy cut one set at a time but there were problems with that approach:
  •  it is very slow cutting them one at a time,
  • the fabric starts to look like Swiss cheese,
  • it wastes fabric because there are sections that are just too small to use and
  • the blocks start looking the same.
The last point, the blocks start looking the same is a result of centring the motif in my clear template or window template. So I figured out a way to use my fabric so that I could cut the patches quickly, there would be little to no wastage and there would be a wide variety of unusual looking blocks.

So this is the fabric I will use to demonstrate my technique. In the picture it doesn't look particularly beautiful but just wait until we start cutting!

There are some really pretty little bits and I think that the stars (or hexagons) will be very attractive when assembled! There are some lovely greys, golds, rusts and periwinkle blues in the print and the curvy vines will add movement to the blocks. The background is a buttery cream - very rich looking!

 Until I post again, happy sewing!


  1. I love your orange crush quilt on the Quilting Gallery contest and have downloaded the pattern. thank you! (mine is the mustache quilt in the contest)

    1. Thanks Toothfairy Quilter (very cute name). I saw your mustache quilt and it is too cute for words. The bright colours are perfect for a teenager and the fabrics are really fun!

  2. Oh lord, here you go again, tempting me with another new project :-D

    I have just taken delivery of the Pigma pen that I sent for and look forward to making some bees next week. The Mr is away, so I have a week of uninterrupted sewing time YAY!

    1. Oh dear, sorry if I'm making it difficult for you Kath! Sadly I do these demos and then I want to start an new project too! Sheesh!

      I'll look forward to seeing some bees and other wonderful creations on your blog!

  3. oh that fabric is beautiful, can't wait to see your demo, because i think it's fabulous what you create with just one fabric!

  4. oh that fabric is beautiful, can't wait to see your demo, because i think it's fabulous what you create with just one fabric!

    1. Thanks Lia! It really is exciting seeing what comes out of one fabric.

  5. You have a real knack of taking a fabric and seeing all the possibilities it offers. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us x